Bold Earth Reviews

I have no worries about sending Sam on Bold Earth trips; she grows more on each one. The trip leaders were very open, friendly, and engaging. It’s a terrific experience for anyone, and one that every kid should have. – Jody T, second-year parent from Solon, OH

I loved my trip. It was a new and exciting experience for me that showed me how strong I am and helped me create meaningful bonds with everyone in my group. – Kayla, first-year student from Chappaqua, NY

This trip with Bold Earth took our daughter over 100 miles through stunning scenery in the Alps and I wouldn’t even say that was the best part of the experience. To me it was the incredible personal growth opportunity. The kids were responsible for meal planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, being ready on time, blog writing, and having a role within the group. This made our daughter feel independent and that she had ownership with the experience. Her trip leaders were wonderful role models.These are the experiences that I want influencing my child. Bold Earth genuinely cares about their students. – Emily K, first-year parent from Seattle, WA

I really enjoyed my Bold Earth trip. I feel like it greatly impacted my life, helped to develop me as a person, and made me more responsible. The most valuable part of my Bold Earth experience was the tightly knit community and culture that everyone added to and shared. – Spencer L, second-year student from Glen Rock, NJ

We love the opportunity for our child to travel to different places, try new things, develop community awareness, and grow independence. We believe Isabel did a great job bonding with Amelia and taking great care of her. I believe in international travel for children. – Paulina F, fourth-year parent from North Wales, PA

I loved getting to try so many new things with a supportive group of people who were also trying new things. Thailand was my favorite out of four trips so far! – Matthew, fourth-year student from Houston, TX

For a first time overnight camper, our daughter was a little apprehensive but ready to take on this new adventure. Once we got to the airport and met the trip leaders, we immediately knew that she was going to have a fantastic adventure. The leaders were very outgoing right from the start, and I was able to leave my daughter behind knowing that she was in good hands. We can’t say enough about what a great adventure this was for our daughter for the first time, and we definitely look forward to many more. Thank you Bold Earth! – Stephanie C, first-year parent from Alexandria, VA

My daughter had a WONDERFUL time! She thrived at Bold Earth. Bold Earth was just what she needed to come out of her shell! This is our 2nd experience with Bold Earth. Bold Earth is a GREAT travel program for teens. I wish they had a travel/adventure program for the parents! – Farrior S, first-year parent from Bozeman, MT

My time on the Spain France trip could not have been any better. The people were amazing and my trip leaders were so sweet and caring; it was so hard for me to leave. The overall experience and memories of the hike made it all worth it, and it was absolutely my favorite part of my trip. – Ellie, first-year student from Charlotte, NC

My son came back extremely happy. He misses the adventure and all the friends and the trip leaders he met. He was very nervous going by himself, but he feels so confident and proud he accomplished this great adventure. The leaders did an amazing job making Ian feel so comfortable! – Olga R, second-year parent from Mt. Laurel, NJ

My daughter had a wonderful time. It was her first time being away from home for so long and in another country. We felt she was in safe hands and had a wonderful, enriching experience where she made many new friends and gained independence. – Elisa L, first-year parent from Burlingame, CA

The fact that I was able to connect with 11 other students my age from all over the country was very meaningful to me. Everyone brought their own diverse opinions and culture to the trip, which made it spectacular. – Noah, second-year student from New York, NY

I would recommend Bold Earth to friends because the trips and activities are well-planned, and Ethan feels as comfortable as he would traveling with his own family. Great friendships are formed, and the trip leaders inspire Ethan to be the best he can be. – Randy W, sixth-year parent from Monroe Township, NJ

My favorite part about the Ultimate Hawaii trip was the experiences I took part in. The different activities were really fun and varied. I loved my group and enjoyed meeting new people with so many different backgrounds and creating a special bond and memories with each individual. Bold Earth never fails to make sure I have the greatest summer possible, and it’s always an amazing experience. – Bea, second-year student from Barcelona, Spain

Our son’s Bold Earth adventure to Colorado and Utah was an eye-opening and incredibly fun experience for him. He returned home with lots of story-telling about each activity and place visited; a huge appreciation for nature and all its beauty; a new sense of confidence; and enthusiasm for all that is out there to see and experience. Bold Earth knows what they are doing. Their staff are extremely knowledgeable, kind, helpful and clearly love what they do! BE sparked a new sense of adventure in him, which we hope and suspect will last a lifetime! – Shanna K, first-year parent from North Salem, NY

Kayla had a wonderful experience; she had only positive things to say about both trip leaders—they made her feel confident and safe, taught her a lot, and had a lot of fun. She enjoyed getting to know the other kids and overall had an incredible trip. – Melissa S, first-year parent from Chappaqua, NY

I just loved my community. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to share such amazing experiences with. Bold Earth has got everything right. – Emma, first-year student from Hahira, GA

The trip leaders were incredible. Brady stated that they were “so much better than the ones last summer” when we used another company. Not only were they experienced and well-versed in the demographic he was traveling in, they were also really high quality. Bold Earth is a top notch company. I 100% feel confident to recommend to a friend. Our son got sick and was in a hospital across the world, and the way Bold Earth handled our situation demonstrated the type of company it is. We appreciate how Bold Earth helped us navigate our son’s situation. – Hillary S, first-year parent from Ambler, PA

This Bold Earth trip showed me how beautiful nature is and how grateful we are to experience the things we do. I made friendships that will last a very long time, and we were all able to connect in different ways. I am so glad to have gone with this group of people. – Avni, first-year student from Middleburg, FL

I only wish we’d started Bold Earth sooner and phased out my daughter’s traditional summer camp. Bold Earth is structured, challenging, international and designed with intent. – Jaemie A, first-year parent from San Francisco, CA

Bold Earth has shown me different parts of the world, how to make friends and keep those connections, and how to help the community and how rewarding that can be. I also fell in love with surfing through Bold Earth. – Caroline, second-year student from Skaneateles, NY

My son is a changed young man, more confident and different than when he left home. He is definitely calmer and more reflective. It was an on-the-fly decision to send Ethan. and I am so, so happy that we did and that he had a great experience. I believe this type of adventure is an amazing growth opportunity and makes your child reach inside for strength, self-determination, and perseverance. It bombards their senses with truth, power, huge empowerment skills, and a wonderful sense of environment and being in the elements. He has grown and is stronger physically and emotionally. I can’t thank you enough. – Susan E, first-year parent from Phoenix, AZ

The entire trip was great. I don’t have only one favorite part; I really enjoyed being able to connect with everyone while surrounded by nature. – Kira, first-year student from Boynton Beach, FL

The activities boosted my son’s confidence incredibly. It is always great to see that in a child, especially your own, and I’m so glad he got to experience this. It’s so beneficial to have your child travel solo in an unfamiliar place; it improves confidence, and I think every child should have that opportunity. – Sara T, first-year parent from Stamford, CT

My favorite part about the trip was that everyone became comfortable with each other almost instantly. After a few days, everyone talked to each other as if we had known one another for our whole lives. Whenever someone was struggling with something, we could all count on each other for support and positivity. Bold Earth is a truly amazing company, and I don’t think there is any way they can improve. Out of both trips I’ve gone on, I always enjoyed my trip leaders, the activities, and the people around me. I have made connections with people all around the country and in parts of the world. – Caroline, second-year student from Jacksonville, FL

We felt completely confident with Bold Earth. All our questions were answered in a timely fashion, and we knew what to expect and anticipate. The blogs were a great way for us to stay connected with Ben without interfering with his experience. A+ all around. Thank you! – Jennifer R, first-year parent from Cotati, CA

Bold Earth trips are filled with lots of fun activities, and they give you a chance to make new friends. The trip leaders are all amazing. – Jack, second-year student from Ellicott City, MD

This is the second child I have sent to Bold Earth, and I was thrilled once again. Bold Earth has amazing trip leaders, and the vibe of the program—from the physical activity to planning and cooking meals to playing games at the campsites—is wonderfully unique. – Holly L, second-year parent from Boynton Beach, FL

Families should absolutely send their children [to Bold Earth]. They also need to prepare their hearts because the child they sent will not be the same the person upon return; we received a young adult whose eyes were opened to the endless potential of life and opportunities that await him. – Helen B, first-year parent from Los Angeles, CA

The people from my Bold Earth trip are some of the kindest, most amazing people I have ever met, and that connection that I have formed with them will have a huge impact on my life forever. – Olivia K, first-year student from Seattle, WA

It’s such a special opportunity for two weeks to have your child thrown into the (safe) unknown–new people, places and challenges. And to appreciate the outdoors and physical activity (without phones!). The rewards are so great when they realize how fun it is and what they are capable of learning and achieving. On this particular trip, she came home with such meaningful friendships. Weeks out from the trip, and she still talks on the phone every night with three friends. – Victoria M, second-year parent from Charlotte, NC

I love what Bold Earth is about. It was the perfect experience for me as I want to help out the Earth in any way that I can, and Bold Earth does exactly that. Plus, the activities are super fun. I really loved the Rock Climbing and the Surfing. Two awesome experiences but it definitely doesn’t compare to the friendships that you make not only with the people there, but also the trip leaders. I’d recommend Bold Earth to people who want to have fun, help the earth, and people who love to camp. – Ronan W, first-year student from Brooklyn, NY

At first glance Bold Earth sounds like it could be a great trip and a great experience, but the reality is it is better than great. It was more amazing than we could have hoped for. The program as a whole package is all encompassing of team building and character growth while throwing in fun activities and unforgettable sights! – Amanda C, second-year parent from Dallas, TX

Our son just returned from his first Bold Earth trip (Epic Africa) and he is already talking about his next summer adventure. Traveling to a different country and being exposed to different cultures helped our son grow as a person and broaden his horizons. We were thoroughly impressed with Bold Earth and we look forward to sending our son and daughter on future adventures. Every aspect of Bold Earth’s trips are thoughtfully planned and tailored. This is a life-changing experience your son/daughter will cherish. – Arlette M, first-year parent from Bonita, CA

It was one of the most fun times in my life. I made many amazing connections in the group, and I could be myself around everyone, which is huge. – Grace K, first-year student from Greenwood Village, CO

Awesome! If you are at all thinking about it, do it. This company runs a great trip. Small close knit groups, great leaders, good communication before during and after the trip and a dedication to these kids experience that was really impressive. – Karin, first-year parent from Seattle, WA

Not only did I make so many new memories with my now close friends, but I also learned new skills. Before the trip, I had never really gone camping, so setting up a tent, cooking outside, etc. was all super new to me. I know now how to do all of those things perfectly. I’ve also found that I’m no longer afraid of bugs or getting dirty, and not having to do my hair or makeup every day proved to be super therapeutic. – Chloe C, first-year student from Scottsdale, AZ

This program is wonderful. The leadership skills that Alex learned were due to the great leaders he had on the trip. Bold Earth always made a parent feel that their child was in safe hands from the moment that they were accepted. The communication before, during, and after makes you feel like you as a parent were on the trip as well. This is a great program that I am going to tell so many about. – Christine L, second-year parent from Easton, PA

This was a life-changing experience for our daughter – Bold Earth provided an opportunity to grow beyond herself, test her independence in a new environment and with new people, and build self-reliance. – Lisa G, first-year parent from Durham, NC

Bold Earth has given me the best two summers. The culture they have created is unlike any other camp I have been to. I have made some lifelong friendships and memories. I would recommend Bold Earth to anyone who wants to go. – Caelyn M, second-year student from Waxhaw, NC

Bold Earth is the perfect combination of adventure and personal growth.  It’s a leap of faith to let your child travel alone, but Bold Earth eased all those fears.  Our daughter pushed herself and proved to herself that she could do all the amazing things the world has to offer, and she made some lifetime memories and friends along the way. – Stephanie V, first-year parent from New Hyde Park, NY

My son had a blast! As a parent I could NOT have been more impressed. I have taken every opportunity to sing Bold Earth’s praises to other parents I know. 100% positive, the whole experience. – Chris W, first-year parent from Brooklyn, NY

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