Meet Our Students

We are proud of our global population. In a typical year, our students will join us from approximately 15 countries and 30 U.S. states! Our diverse groups comprise students with all different interests, from lacrosse and soccer players to speech and debate team members to actors and artists. Our students are all-around great teenagers who are looking for a new, fun way to spend their summer. We hold high standards for our students while they’re on a Bold Earth trip, which helps lead to clique- and judgment-free communities.

Our trips are coed (sleeping arrangements are always single-gender). Our typical ratio is about 50 percent boys and 50 percent girls.

Pre-screening New Students

Each of our new students goes through a thorough admissions process to ensure that he or she is a great fit for Bold Earth, and vice versa. During this admissions process, families complete a student questionnaire, parent questionnaire, medical form, and teacher reference. This helps us get to know our families before the student’s trip starts, and it helps us address any questions or concerns that parents or students may have. We do this to ensure that we put together the best possible peer groups. We are not a program for teenagers with emotional or behavioral problems.

No Experience Needed

Many of our first-time students have never traveled solo before! The flight out of their home airport on the way to Bold Earth is often students’ first real foray into independence and out of their comfort zone. Each Bold Earth adventure has a variety of activities, which allows everyone to both excel and be challenged. Bold Earth participants do not need to have any experience in any of our activities prior to their trip; we will teach them everything they need to know!

We expect that some students will be a little nervous before their first Bold Earth experience; that is completely normal. However, we do ask that they commit to being engaged and having a positive mental attitude throughout their trip.

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