5 Must See Colorado Sights for Teens

Josh Goldbach26 Aug, 2019

Colorado is a beautiful state that attracts many tourists each year, around 82.4 million in 2017 to be exact. That being said, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the thousands of things to do and see – especially for teens in the summer! Here at Bold Earth, we have found the 5 cannot miss sightseeing activities in Colorado for teens. Whether you are looking for whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, or trail walking – Colorado has it.

The Grand Mesa

Teen biking in mountain

The Grand Mesa stands at over 10,000-feet above sea level as the largest flat-topped mountain in the entire world! Offering a cooler retreat during summer adventures compared to the nearby area, the mesa is home to more than 300 lakes and 500 square miles of mostly flat terrain. However, this isn’t just the home of spectacular views, it is also a great spot to get a good look at animals such as elk, deer, black bears, moose, sheep, and more! The Grand Mesa is a great place to experience mountain biking in Colorado, with views unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. There are over 80 miles of trails that offer endless exploring on your bike, with unforgettable views.

Browns Canyon

Teens whitewater rafting

Browns Canyon is a perfect spot for whitewater rafting in Colorado, where teens will come into contact with both Class II and III rapids while flowing down the newest edition to Colorado’s National Monument landscape. Containing over 11,000 acres of the San Isabel National Forest and 9,750 acres of Bureau of Land Management land, there are a ton of beautiful sights and magnificent animals to see here. There are plenty of places to go whitewater rafting in Colorado, but Browns Canyon is very special because of the striking colors of the rock and the stunning views of the mountains that surround the canyon. Browns Canyon provides the ideal place for teens to experience rafting down the Arkansas River while soaking in all that Colorado has to offer.

Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks

Teens on a mountain

Colorado is home to 54 14,000-foot peaks throughout the state. These beautiful peaks are protected and preserved by the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. Bold Earth offers a teen service component on the trip to Colorado partnered with this initiative to teach students the value of these precious places and to get their hands dirty actively preserving parts of these peaks, which include Longs Peak, Pikes Peak and Torrey’s Peak. These gigantic peaks offer a safe haven to many species of local wildlife such as deer, elk, bobcats, falcons and many more! These peaks are a key part of Colorado’s famous and picturesque landscape, and while it is so important to keep these protected, any one of these peaks would make for a gorgeous hike or overnight stay for teens.

The Rocky Mountain National Park

A must-see destination for any and all ages! The Rocky Mountain National Park stretches over 265,000 acres across the Continental Divide and is home to beautiful sights such as Cascade Falls, Hallett Peak, Flattop Peak and many more. Cascade Falls is one of the highlights of the park, with a heavy deer and moose population and stunning scenery. The park is a perfect place for either a day hike or an overnight backpack, with over 80 hikes spanning more than 350 miles throughout the park. There are so many places to see, even unplugged from technology, teens will never get bored.

Buena Vista

Teens mountain climbing on mountain

If you’re looking for the perfect place to go rock climbing in Colorado, look no further than the crags in Buena Vista! Located in the Arkansas River Valley and boasting a multitude of different crags for different ability levels, this spot is perfect for teens looking to grow their rock climbing skills! Some of the best rock climbing for teens lies in the Castle Rock or Leaning Wall crags. Buena Vista offers stunning views of many Rocky Mountain peaks, not to mention world-class rock climbing.

If these sight sound absolutely magical to you, and you are looking for a teen travel camp that goes to all of these spectacular places (and many more) look no further! Check out Bold Earth’s Colorado Bold Adventure to see if this trip would be perfect for you. We encourage you to get out and see all that wild, wonderful Colorado has to offer you.


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