5 Must Try Activities in Hawaii for Teens

Emory Capps22 Oct, 2019

Hawaii is a beautiful, tropical string of islands ideal for teen adventure travel. Not only are there fast-paced adventures like ziplining, but there are also relaxing activities like sailing and snorkeling, offering a perfect balance for a trip. These are just some of the excellent adventure activities in Hawaii that your teen could participate in during a Bold Earth Hawaii adventure trip. 

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Teen Snorkeling Excursions in Hawaii 

Not only is the water lining the shores of Hawaii beautiful from the shoreline, the underwater view offers a first-hand look into an unseen, incredible world. Snorkeling, or skin diving, can be the perfect immersive experience for teens traveling in Hawaii. Fitted with fins, masks, and snorkels–the opportunities for learning and growing are almost endless under the water. Teens can experience extraordinary reefs, which not only offer beautiful views but also teach students more about conservation ecology. Along with the reefs comes a wide spectrum of underwater sea life such as green sea turtles, reef fish, whales, dolphins, rays, and maybe even a shark! Snorkeling gives teens a personal experience with nature and an experience of a lifetime.      

Go Ziplining in Hawaii 

Ziplining is always a group favorite! Atop the Hawaiian canopy there is also another world. The green, beautiful trees combined with the horizon makes for an unforgettable trip down the line for teens. Packed with a little adrenaline rush, this is one of the best activities for teens looking for adventure travel. An adrenaline rush, with all of the necessary safety measures.  

Sailing Adventures for Teens in Hawaii  

Faced paced adventure is great, but sometimes  it is nice to have an activity that allows teens to relax and enjoy the magic of the ocean.  Sailing on a catamaran allows teens to learn new skills, like how to operate a sail and navigate the waters. Sometimes you need some relaxation, even on an adventure trip.

Hike Volcanoes in Hawaii 

While hiking is rarely what draws teen adventurers to Hawaii, it’s an excellent destination for high value day hikes. The available hikes are perfect for a trip with a range of athletic abilities. You do not have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian views. From Rainbow Falls to Boiling Pots to Volcanoes National Park, (just to name a few of the hundreds of hikes for teens in Hawaii) there are so many opportunities to explore nature! Being in touch with the outdoors provides students an achievable challenge. The exceptional views are not the only benefits of hiking around Hawaii! 

Surfing Lessons in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii not only gives teens a fun athletic challenge, it is also a way to experience some incredible views and more time  in the water. It is a great bonding experience for teens on an adventure travel trip, as they’ll get to experience learning a new skill with people you might not know as well yet. Combined with the beautiful blue ocean, surrounding views of beaches, mountains and volcanoes, it is the perfect way for teens to experience Hawaii! 

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Check Out Bold Earth’s Teen Adventure Trips to Hawaii 

Bold Earth has been taking teens to experience the beautiful shores of Hawaii for over 15 years. Bold Earth offers an Ultimate Hawaii trip for grades 10-12, and our Hawaii Adventure trip for grades 8-10. All of these spectacular activities listed above are included on both trips, and many others! If you think your teen would love an adventure trip in Hawaii, check us out on our website for more information about each trip!


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