5 Reasons a Bold Earth trip should be your 2022 New Years Resolution

Roo Ruskan17 Jan, 2022

We have all made New Year’s resolutions before, oftentimes with a mixed bag of success. By the time February rolls around, it is easy for resolutions to fall through the cracks. Sometimes the best resolutions are ones where you are not in it alone. Here are 5 top reasons to join us this summer. Make a resolution you can keep by signing up for a Bold Earth trip today! 

1. Awe-inspiring locations 

Do you wish that sometimes we could stop talking about covid? Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I do. The truth is, however, that covid has taught us so much. It has reminded us of what our lives need more of. Disconnecting from technology in some of the most beautiful places on Earth is more important than ever for everyone…but especially for teens. We can’t be certain what the next year will look like, but we do know that nature will always be there, calling us to live, grow, and connect in a new environment– away from the stressors of everyday life. If this sounds like your kind of resolution, a Bold Earth trip is the best place to do just that. Whitewater rafting in California, surfing in Costa Rica, waking up with the sun in the Grand Canyon, snorkeling in Hawaii. Exploring the natural wonders of the world on a Bold Earth trip is a gift that will keep giving. 

hawaiian coastline at summertime        teens hiking in yosemite national park california

2. FUN

While there are so many great options out there for summer, going on a Bold Earth trip is truly an experience like no other. While other summer camps or family vacations or volunteering in your hometown are all great options, Bold Earth offers more. Every single Bold Earth trip is different but what they all share at their core is outrageous FUN. In the mountains. In the sun. Your trip will be filled with unparalleled fun. And isn’t that truly a goal we should have for summer and have for always? As a trip leader who is so excited about summer 2022, I still think back to past trips and the silly inside jokes only myself, my co-leader, and our 13 bold earthers would understand. I could call up any one of them today and we could reminisce about our trip like it was yesterday. To the innumerable times someone laughed so hard they cried, or the moments around the campfire I saw a happy day’s memory glisten in a student’s eye–this is the good stuff that keeps me coming back for more. Everyone should have more of these glistening life moments.

3. Personal development. Be Bold.

Perhaps another silver lining of the pandemic, Covid has reminded us of the true value of living in the present. It is in these moments of being truly present, where the walls are down and we are the most vulnerable versions of ourselves, where some of the biggest personal breakthroughs can happen. Bold Earth trips are special in that they create space for these kinds of moments. Laughing under the stars or zip-lining through tropical forests or singing at the top of snowy mountain peaks – can help us learn more about ourselves in completely new ways. Why wait years to seek out these moments? It is always the best time to invest in yourself.

4. Relationships that enlighten

Have you ever met someone who has forever altered the course of your life for the better? Community and the opportunities to form lifelong friendships are true pillars of Bold Earth trips. Trips are set up with this as a priority. Every single day brings new opportunities for meaningful conversation. With participants from all over the U.S. and the world, as well as opportunities to connect with locals from diverse cultures, are you ready to meet new people with life-experiences completely different from your own? What can you learn from each other? What questions will it ask you about yourself? All it takes is one conversation around the campfire, kayaking through glaciers, or on the beach at sunrise to inspire a new understanding.

beach handstands at sunset        bold earth teens cool off in crystal clear canyon waterfall

5. A resolution you can KEEP!

Unfortunately, sometimes New Year’s resolutions can be really hard to keep. In our world of one-thousand-and-one things pulling us in different directions, teens especially have a myriad of choices on how to spend their summers. Signing up for a Bold Earth trip, gives a tangible goal to work towards. A summer Bold Earth trip is something to look forward to throughout the school year and beyond. Whichever adventure is chosen, the next few months can be scattered with smaller goals to gear up for your summer adventure! Planning to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro or the Alps this summer? Plan monthly hikes or create a training plan with friends and family to get in shape for your trip! Have questions or not sure where to go? Explore our website to find the right trip for you or reach out to the Bold Earth team! We are just an email or phone call away. We look forward to connecting with you and helping you find your next life-changing adventure!

CHEERS to 2022 and the new adventures this year will bring!

Dream it. Do it. Live it. Bold Earth.

we all scream for white-water-rafting


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