5 reasons your teen will sleep better on a Bold Earth trip

Roo Ruskan14 Mar, 2022

When you first think of outdoor adventures for teens, what comes to mind? Epic locations? Sunset smiles? Lifelong friendships? Unparalleled memories? Surely quality sleep also makes it to the top of the list right?

We know that this idea doesn’t immediately seem possible, but are here to show you otherwise!

I know what you are thinking: how could my teen possibly sleep better in a sleeping bag and tent than in the comfort of their own home? Surely that is ludicrous? Here at Bold Earth, we don’t think so, and we’ve got over 40 years of experience to back us up. Read on for the 5 surprisingly real reasons that your teen will sleep better on a Bold Earth trip!

kilimanjaro camping at night

Tech free, baby!

We are called Bold Earth after all, so why not kick off this list with our technology free policy. At Bold Earth, we firmly believe that the benefits of a tech-free environment far outweigh the cons. To add yet another item to the pros list: being tech-free connects to sleep in a huge way. To quote Time…“it’s become a virtually unchallenged piece of conventional wisdom that exposure to blue light—the type emitted by electronic device screens—is bad for sleep.” Teens today have grown up with technology like no other generation in human existence. The disruptive nature of electronic screens before bed is irrefutable and yet there are a myriad of challenges with removing this interference in an ordinary environment. Compare that with an extraordinary environment at Bold Earth, by removing technology completely on Bold Earth trips, teens get to experience (some for the first time), what it is like to fall asleep without this disruption.

The science of routine

Speaking of science…we know that routine is great for everyone, especially young people. One of these benefits is how routine fosters better sleep and fights insomnia. While we believe in adventures unlike any other at Bold Earth, and no day on a Bold Earth trip will look like the last, we also believe in keeping a basic framework to every day that is tried and true. Having elements of each day that don’t change, no matter if you’re climbing a volcano or snorkeling in a coral reef, creates routine, helps our students feel more prepared, and fosters a good night’s sleep.

Physical exertion

Exploring our natural world is a central feature of all Bold Earth trips, and doing so is not without its physical demands. While not every day involves a massive hike or granite dome to climb, we can assure you that when it’s time to hit the tents, our students are TIRED. Even though our itineraries vary in difficulty and some are objectively more physically demanding than others (make sure to find the right one for you!), one thing that is the same across the board is intentionally filled days leading to better quality zzzs!

all smiles for this tent group!

Breaking free from every-day stressors

One thing that makes a Bold Earth trip so special is how different it is from normal, every-day life. We know that teens are at a very unique point in their existence and that with that, comes a multitude of stressors. Here at Bold Earth we like to lean into this reality and provide an opportunity for personal growth in an environment that is far removed from all that. Their normal day to day can be just the thing getting in the way of a major breakthrough in learning about themselves. Stressors can be negative distractions. A Bold Earth trip allows for a new list of epicly-fun distractions! Removing the long list of normal stressors in their life can allow them the mental headspace to learn about themselves in new ways. We always sleep better with less stressors on our plate!


Did someone mention plates above? Post-trip questionnaires report that students are consistently surprised with the variety and quality of food they have on Bold Earth trips. Which to us is a no-brainer, we love good eats! Just as we sleep better after a tasty & hearty meal, we sleep EVEN better when our soul is well fed, too. Probably the biggest thing that keeps me returning to Bold Earth: every day with Bold Earth is food for the soul. To end the day feeling well-fed in every way, smiling as you reflect on the day, is my favorite way to fall asleep. See what I mean for yourself in summer 2022!

We hope that this provides you with some comfort knowing that your teen will not return as a no-sleep zombie after their trip. We know that while they will come back a bit tired, they will also come home fulfilled. At Bold Earth we put a focus on the little things and are here to answer any questions or concerns you have!

camping breakfast: french toast and berries with powdered sugar


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