A Guide to Bold Earth Adventures: Sights to See!

Caiden Orosco05 Jun, 2023

Were you aware that 26 million children in America go to summer camps each year?

It’s clear that summer camps have a special place in our culture. While going on nature walks and swimming in a lake at a local camp is fun, it can get old after a year or two. As your child grows up and becomes a teen, they might crave more adventure.

Are you trying to find the best outdoor camps for teens? Read on to learn why Bold Earth Adventures is one of the greatest travel camps for teenagers.

Your Child Can Go on Outdoor Adventures Throughout the Country

If your child has never signed up for travel camps for teenagers before, sometimes it’s best to start small. Staying within the country can be a gentle push outside of their comfort zone. This is why Bold Earth Adventures makes sure that we have trips all throughout America each year.

Your teen could explore California, Hawaii, Colorado, the Grand Canyon, and so much more. Our schedules are the perfect balance of epic activities and laid-back bonding activities. Your teen will get the most out of each day without feeling exhausted.

We Make International Teen Travel Possible, Too

International travel for teens can lead to all kinds of important growth. If your child is ready to take on the world, Bold Earth Adventures can guide them anywhere. We have trips throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Your teen will feel unstoppable when they tackle the Alps, Fiji, the Galapagos, and more. This could be the perfect opportunity to dive deeper into their passions while in a safe group setting. Not only will they get to marvel at the breathtaking sights around them, but they can also get exposed to different cultures in an enriching manner.

Our Teen Travel Camp Cares About Safety

It’s understandable that both parents and teens may feel hesitant about embarking on such big adventures. Some travel camps for teenagers may be laxer about policies, but Bold Earth Adventures makes safety the top priority. Our groups are always small so that each teen can get adequate supervision.

We make sure that every team leader has been trained in CPR and Wilderness First Responders. Every group will also have at least one leader who’s a certified lifeguard as well. We never let our campers get into dangerous situations, but it’s still reassuring to know that help is always right there anyway.

Outdoor Camps for Teens: Your Child Will Love Bold Earth Adventures

There may be many outdoor camps for teens, but Bold Earth Adventures should be your first pick. Whether your child wants to explore America or the rest of the world, we’ll always keep them safe. They’ll come back home with new friends and memories that they’ll cherish forever.

Are you excited to find out more about our upcoming adventures? We have national and international teen travel trips that will interest anyone. Check out our calendar for 2023 trips.


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