Arches National Park Adventures

Ashley09 Nov, 2022

Curious about what life is like on Bold Earth’s teen travel programs? Sophie, a summer camper on one of our trips, submits an exciting blog entry about her experience at Arches National Park

Starting the day with an early 5:00 am wakeup, Dillon, Max, Logan, Don, Jackson, Lindsey, Mariana, and Alexandra, led by Sara, went for a short hike to see the gravity-defying Corona Arch. Although all were amazed, Don and Lindsay had trouble staying awake. Following the hike, Cinnamon Toast Crunch with some piping fresh fruit got everyone ready for their day. The entire morning was spent at Arches National Park. To sum it up, it was fuego (Spanish for fire or lit). The first Arch we saw was the Landscape Arch. We all looked on at the precarious arch which barely maintained its form, hanging on by just a tiny section of sediment. Many guessed it would fall soon; guesses ranged from 4-200 years. The group eventually moved on to Pine Tree Arch after being mesmerized by the Landscape Arch and entranced by the shade. The pine tree Arch was a basic arch structure that provided a nice napping spot for some of the tired members. We then took a quick stroll past the Tunnel Arch and walked back to the van.

After, the group drove to the North Window Arch and the Turret Arch, but saved the best for last by driving by the famous Balancing Rock. Driving past the balancing Rock at many angles, Jackson was able to get all the pictures he craved. Throughout the tour, Sarah kindly gave out goldfish to everybody. This was only half the day.

sunrise arches national park

The other half was just as good. The whole group traveled to the fascinating rec center. Before entering, a picnic was put together just outside the rec by Will, Lindsay, and Jackson. After lunch, everyone sprinted into the rec center, changed into their bathing suits, and hit the refreshing pool. The diving board and hi-dive were huge hits. As Zach and Will struggled to not belly or backflop on their flips, Toby was able to complete a filthy double front flip off the high dive with most people watching. Others took the swirly slide and a few people started an intense game of pool basketball. (Logan and Dillon easily coming out with the victory) Finally, the entire group was able to take a refreshing shower after being covered in dirt for a whole week!

Later, everyone was sent on their own to explore the town of Moab, but Toby and Sam decided to take another dip in the pool. After an hour, we all met at the City Market and had a successful shopping experience, getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next 3 days. We then shopped for a few minutes at Desert Dream, a local gift shop. Jeb copped a fancy fanny pack while others found comfortable shirts, sweatshirts, and hats. On the drive home, Sarah, Toby, Sam, Will, Don, and Jeb started a crazy dance party in the van. With everyone getting hyped, the mosh pit got slightly out of hand and Jackson had to swiftly dodge a water bottle that was tossed in his direction, narrowly missing his head. The mosh pit ended shortly after.

Everyone made it to our unanimously favorite campground safely. Another amazing grilling job from Will and fantastic cooking from Lindsay, assisted by Jackson, made dinner a smashing success.

Sorry for making this so long but the whole day was filled with amazing activities and we didn’t want to leave anything out. Day 8 was a success!

– Sophie

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