Choosing the Perfect Adventure Summer Camp in the Pacific Northwest: A Mountain Lover’s Guide

Caiden Orosco12 Jul, 2023

Summer camps have become a quintessential activity when you think about how to keep your children occupied once school gets out. Around 26 million kids attend overnight and day camps each summer. Summer camps are a wonderful way to form lasting friendships, practice leadership skills, and have fun. 

Adventure summer camps in the Pacific NW mountains present unique opportunities for kids and teens. It’s important to find the right program to fit the needs and interests of your child. You want the teen summer camp you choose to be something that’ll keep them captivating for the entire length of the program. 

This guide will discuss how to pick mountain summer camps for teens. Explore countless opportunities for excitement and growth throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Talk to Your Child

It’s important to speak with your teen before picking nature summer camps. Their opinion needs to be respected throughout the process. Some of the things you should consider include:

  • Their preferences
  • Their comfort level 
  • What you want them to gain from summer camp

The last thing you want to do is sign your child up for an active camp when they enjoy quiet time in nature. While it’s great to explore new things, you don’t want to push them too far out of their boundaries. 

For example, your child might be interested in surfing and the ocean. Our Pacific Northwest: Coast to Cascades Adventure might be the perfect choice for them. This summer camp starts with surfing at Cannon Beach and ends with hiking at Mt. Rainier. 

Your teen might be interested in camping in the mountains and hiking. Our Pacific Northwest Adventure teaches teens how to raft, rock climb, and more. The trip will culminate at the famed Cannon Beach, where they can check out local sea life. 

Pick Overnight or Day Camps

Most summer camps fall into two categories  day and overnight. Campers get to go home at the end of the day with the first option. This option might be ideal for younger kids that live in the same area where the camp is. 

Many teens like the freedom overnight camps allow them. Your child will stay overnight at the camp location under the supervision of trained counselors. They’ll learn extra responsibilities that they might not experience with a day camp. 

Set Your Expectations

What do you want your teen to gain from summer camp? You might want your child to have a good time and make new friends. Maybe you’d like them to work on a specific skill set

Your expectations can help you manage what type of summer camp you choose. You also want your expectations to align with your teen’s as well. 

Explore Pacific NW Adventure Summer Camps

Adventure summer camps in the Pacific Northwest will allow your teen to experience fun activities in the great outdoors. Summer is the best time to visit the Pacific Northwest. From the sea to the mountains, there is no shortage of things for your child to do this summer. 

Bold Earth Adventures offers Pacific Northwest summer camps that include stops at some of the most iconic locations in the area. Find out more information and enroll your teen today


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