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Josh Goldbach24 Jul, 2023


Hello friends and family! Welcome to our featured trip blog! As you all know, our groups work hard on their blogs to share their fun experiences with us and let us in on a bit of the action! We thought what better way to do this than share featured blogs on our website every few days? You can expect one new featured blog from all different trips every few days depending on what groups have service at the time! This summer is truly amazing, and we hope you will enjoy these sneak peeks as much as we have been enjoying them behind the scenes! 

Hello everyone!!!

This will be our last time signing on to the blog. By now, each of our sweet group members has begun their journeys back to their corners of the world. It feels strange to be apart for the first time in 16 days!!

We want to end this blog with a highlights reel. There have been so many amazing moments on this adventure of a lifetime. THANK YOU to each of you who made it possible! Sending big love until we meet again! 

– Sam & Maya



John: The secluded hike through the Amazon was one of the most magical experiences of my life. Accompanied by incredible guides, the descent into the forested canyon was an eye opening moment that I will never forget, and it was all capped off by a movie-like arrival at the swimming hole. Seeing the various wildlife, as well as learning the values of the forest to the native people made it something I will be forever grateful for.

Carson: The many hikes we’ve done and the physical activity within nature was definitely a highlight and absolutely motivated me for more hiking and nature walks in my everyday life at home.

Charlie: My favorite part of the trip was the Galapagos, and all of the incredible wildlife that was everywhere. The beaches and snorkeling were so amazing as well.

Jacob: My favorite part of the trip was the hikes but especially the hike in the Galapagos where I was allowed to run the last three miles in the rain to challenge myself.

Alexandra: It is so hard to choose a singular moment as my favorite. We have experienced so many incredible things—from kayaking in the Galapagos to whitewater rafting in the Amazon to summiting Fuya Fuya in the Andes. Not only that but I was also able to try all the Ecuadorian cuisine and go out of my comfort zone. But in the end, seeing the unique wildlife—blue footed boobies, Galapagos turtles, reef sharks, sea turtles, and more—was a magical experience that I will never forget.

Jonah: My favorite day of the trip was summit day. From the difficult but satisfying physical activity to the breath taking views of clear water and green mountains, it was a day I will never forget.

Olivia: This entire trip was one of the most amazing experiences for me, it is hard to choose just one favorite. The white water rafting however stood out to me because of its amazing views and fun. Riding down the river while over looking beautiful mountains, trees, and rock formations as well as swimming through the rapids is something I will never forget!

Ruby: This trip has been one of the most fun experiences of my life and definitely something I will never forget. From white water rafting through the Amazon to hiking above the clouds I have seen things that most of the world will never. Through these experiences I have most enjoyed the smaller moments on this trip such as leading workouts with the group and going to beaches and just talking and laughing. It was a truly amazing trip all around.

Nate: This trip has been amazing for many reasons. First, meeting everyone and getting to know them. I have great long-term friends thanks to this trip. Next the beautiful views and beaches we saw were one of the prettiest or the prettiest I have ever seen. Chilling in the Amazon was very cool since I have learned about it since I was young. Rafting was some of the best I have ever done especially the amazing view of the Amazon. This trip has been one of the best experiences ever and I will never forget.

Lila: This trip was an incredible experience for me. I was challenged by the Fuya Fuya hike and was wowed by the amazing views at the summit. Also, getting to know every person on the trip was amazing on its own, but it was even more amazing to learn about them in such a beautiful environment and culture. However I would have to say the best part of the trip was snorkeling with the Sea Turtles, Rays, and other wildlife and seeing the Tortoises. I knew the trip would be amazing from when I got here, met everyone, and saw the amazing scenery, but it was even better than expected! I will never forget the amazing times this trip has brought me!

Sam: I absolutely loved our time in the Amazon. We went on an EPIC rafting trip, communed with the locals, and saw some of the most beautiful jungle scenery. Even more, the group started to bond in a big way. We had guitar singalongs, deeper evening meetings, and late night storytimes. So many warm fuzzies & so much gratitude for this group of lil baddies!!

Maya: For my first Bold Earth summer, this trip blew my expectations out of the water! The kids were amazing and I really enjoyed getting to know each of them. A personal highlight was going on a hike around Lago Cuicocha because of its serene beauty and remoteness. Ecuador is such a diverse ecosystem that has so much to offer and I feel blessed that I was able to witness its beauty alongside some amazing kids that were so excited to be here. At the end of the day, it is the people, not the place and I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing group 


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