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Josh Goldbach15 Jul, 2023


Hello friends and family! Welcome to our featured trip blog! As you all know, our groups work hard on their blogs to share their fun experiences with us and let us in on a bit of the action! We thought what better way to do this than share featured blogs on our website every few days? You can expect one new featured blog from all different trips every few days depending on what groups have service at the time! This summer is truly amazing, and we hope you will enjoy these sneak peeks as much as we have been enjoying them behind the scenes! 

We all started the day extremely jet lagged, after arriving from different places all around the world! Even after such an exhausting day we were all still awake at 5 am. Andrew, Ruby, Parker, Brody, Lily, Briana, CJ, and Tyler went to hang out and feed the donkeys, chickens, and ducks. Once the rest of the campers woke up we got ready for our day and met in the kitchen. Angela made coffee and Andrew got to be the lucky taste taster (lost a few tastebuds in the process haha!). At 8:15 we ate breakfast which consisted of croissants, muffins, cereal, granola, fruit, and yogurt. We loaded the van and listened to some music on the way to zip lining. After getting our gear on we zip lined for 2 hours. It included 9 different zip lines, many of which soared over insanely cool waterfalls, with one being over 150 ft tall! CJ, Noa, Aphra, and Livvia were brave enough to try it upside down, after our guides showed us how to do so safely. Then we all enjoyed lunch together in some much needed shade in the grass, before hopping back in the van for a break from the heat. We found a beautiful, crystal blue lagoon right next to the ocean and enjoyed some seriously sweet views and swimming. Eloise was the first to take the plunge in. After drying off we headed home, where our first cook crew of CJ, Aphra, and Eloise made some delicious burritos! Everyone else chilled and enjoyed hanging out with the resident donkeys before eating.

Some first hand words of the day:

Brody: The swimming hole was so cool. Cold, refreshing, and crazy blue.

Tyler: My favorite part of today was definitely learning how to go upside down on the 3rd line zip line.

Noa: Waking up this morning and walking around as a group together was very relaxing and an awesome bonding moment.

Well everybody, we have a big day tomorrow of beach cleanup and much more so we’re headed to bed after our evening meeting! Catch you all tomorrow!

– Lily, Ruby, Parker


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