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Josh Goldbach07 Jul, 2023

Ultimate Costa Rica 1

Hello friends and family! Welcome to our first featured trip blog! As you all know, our groups work hard on their blogs to share their fun experiences with us and let us in on a bit of the action! We thought what better way to do this than share featured blogs on our website every few days? You can expect one new featured blog from all different trips every few days depending on what groups have service at the time! This summer is truly amazing, and we hope you will enjoy these sneak peeks as much as we have been enjoying them behind the scenes! 


The girls ended the previous night by telling cute stories from home. Today started off strong, like Jonny’s strokes during his morning swim. On the way out of the house, we surprised one of our trip leaders, Cami, with balloons and a card for her 22nd birthday.

During our delicious breakfast Brody became fast friends with the household “perro,” Simba. After, we played some pool games where Maya K strived during monkey in the middle and Mollie won the cannonball contest. It was so much fun!

We then took off to sight see in Aquiares where we visited the oldest church in Costa Rica, Iglesia Colonial De Orosi. Its construction began in the 1700s! Next, Amelia & Cami re-enacted the scene from Titanic and we all learned about the process of making coffee from cocoa beans.

After lunch, the group headed back into town to partake in a soccer game in which we learned some Spanish Soccer lingo (aqui/here) (Penal/Penalty) (porteria/goal post) It was a close game with the MVPs being Quentin, Atlas, and Roo. Before the group stopped for ice cream, Maya M had a fun time connecting with some local kiddos. We stopped at an ice cream shop in the city center and got to play on a play ground after enjoying our sweet treats! Once home, Natalie, Viv, Ali and leader of the day, Maya L, entertained the group by singing along to some pitch perfect riff offs.

We will end off the day with dinner and our evening meeting led by leader of the day Maya L .

-Adios y hasta luego for now, sincerely your day 4 blog crew (Maya M, Natalie, Jonny, and Amelia )



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