Student Summer Adventures: Best Countries for Scuba Diving

Hayley Hucks27 Sep, 2019

Interested in a summer adventure exploring entirely new worlds underwater? Whether you’re already a certified PADI Open Water diver or have never dived before, there are countless opportunities to fall in love with the world of scuba diving.

Learning to scuba dive abroad can afford teens the chance to visit incredible destinations while experiencing top-notch dive instruction. Below are some of the best countries for scuba diving for teens.

Scuba Dive Crystal Clear Oceans in Fiji

Known as the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, Fiji is home to world-class scuba diving – for all levels of divers. The warm, tropical waters of Fiji are crystal clear and less trafficked than some other dive destinations with larger tourist footprints. Taveuni’s Rainbow Reef on the Somosomo Strait is a top ten dive site and home to the famous White Wall, a collection of white soft coral native to the area. English is widely spoken in Fiji, and PADI operators nearly always offer instruction in English.

fiji scuba diving

A teen scuba diving program in Fiji also presents numerous opportunities for cultural immersion, community service, and other life-changing opportunities. Additionally, scuba diving tourism provides job opportunities and income to many people in Fiji, and engaging with locals at dive resorts is a great way to get to know the local culture and way of life. When they’re not diving, students often get the opportunity to visit local schools, stay in homestays, hike to waterfalls, and explore the many layers to the Fijian archipelago.

Scuba Diving & Outdoor Adventure in Thailand

The “Land of a Thousand Smiles” has been a popular travel destination for a long time, due in part to its unique welcoming culture, and partly because of the myriad of activities and outdoor adventures available!

White sand beaches, coral reefs, and colorful dive sites make Thailand a great country to learn how to scuba dive. The wildlife viewing opportunities both in and out of the water are limitless. Other activities often included in a Thailand teen scuba diving program are rock climbing, sea kayaking, island hopping, and exploring the many temples and cultural artifacts of Thailand’s beaches and mountains. Bold Earth’s very own Thailand’s Best program offers many of these opportunities.

Teen Scuba Diving & Adventure Trip to Belize

This small Central American country is easy to access from many cities all over the world and is well-known for the world-famous great blue hole of Belize. Diving in Belize also affords teens the chance to witness incredible coral reefs, whale sharks, nurse sharks and rays, turtles, and Belize’s incredible barrier reef. With more than 400 islands and long stretches of white sand beaches, the relaxing atmosphere and jungle surroundings of Belize are a must-see for any diver hoping for a rich cultural experience.

A trip to Belize is often coupled with an adventure to nearby Costa Rica, another popular travel destination for high school students and families.

Scuba Dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

When people think of scuba diving, they often think of one destination in particular – the legendary Great Barrier Reef. Diving in Australia is highly regulated, and PADI operators in Australia often set the highest standards in the industry. That, coupled with Australia being an English-speaking country, make it a great place to learn how to dive!

But there’s more to Australia’s underwater destination than just the Great Barrier Reef – in every state, the coastlines offer something new – from shipwrecks and sharks to manta ray sightings and the famous Ningaloo Reef. When they’re not in the water, students on an Australian scuba diving trip can explore the cities, surfs, rainforests, and deserts of this huge and wildly diverse country.

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