Take an Adventure Trip to California: The Benefits of Exploring the Beautiful West Coast

Remi Zimmerman05 Oct, 2022

Group of teens with Bold Earth flag stand on California coastal bluff over the ocean

The state of California provides some pretty amazing perks that we can’t find anywhere else in the United States. Due to the beautiful California weather, many residents and visitors spend tons of time getting outside.

Along with the spectacular weather, an adventure trip to California can provide a pristine adventure environment and picturesque views of mountains and oceans. The landscape of California includes both the tallest mountain in North America and the sweeping edge of the Pacific Ocean. Outdoor trips for teens to the Golden State offer the best of both worlds when it comes to spending time outdoors.

Whether your son or daughter needs to destress or simply wants an exciting summer trip for teens where they can learn leadership and teamwork skills, an adventure trip to California with Bold Earth Adventures can offer them a new, thrilling experience.

Explore the Pacific Ocean and Surf

What makes coastal California so unique? Anyone who has seen the state’s scenic shoreline can easily understand why California’s coast remains admired worldwide. Beyond the stunning beaches and the water’s edge is a blue realm that is equally magnificent as the beach photographs we see.

Girl lays on blue surfboard in a wetsuit smiling with chin propped on her hand

California borders the Pacific Ocean: a body of water that makes up nearly half of the entire world’s ocean area. Just offshore you will find the California Current, which is a feeding ground for billions of fish, mammals and birds.

Have you ever gone surfing? Above the surface of the water, the mastery associated with conquering the ocean waves remains one of the most beloved activities for California residents and those that visit the beautiful coastline.

Learning to surf isn’t as complicated as many initially assume, especially when doing it in the right place and under guidance from an instructor. The best part about trying it while on a summer adventure trip? Everybody’s falling down together. Bold Earth California trips are all about trying new things as a group and supporting each other while doing it. Epic wipeouts are just as cheer-worthy as a perfect ride.

Learn About California’s History

From the California Gold Rush to El Camino Real (Spanish Missions that line California’s coast), people from all over the world visit the California coast to learn more about the state.

Although California is known for its big cities and beautiful beaches, it remains an excellent place to learn about American history. Here are some of our favorite fun facts:

  • The United Nations signing occurred in San Francisco, potentially the most significant international gathering ever
  • Hollywood became the world’s film-making capital when producers and actors realized that strict rules and regulations didn’t apply
  • California was a part of Mexico until the Mexican-American War in 1848
  • California makes up 7 percent of the United States Economy

On an adventure trip to California with Bold Earth, teenagers learn through experiences. Tying history and education into our daily adventures creates a different form of learning that takes place outside the classroom. Most importantly, we follow our students’ interests. Teens posing on the Golden Gate Bridge

Enjoy the World Famous California Climate

Where would California be without its renowned weather? In many parts of the state, visitors can wear shorts all year long. With some sunscreen and a hat, teens are prepared to enjoy themselves in warm temperatures wherever they roam.

Group of teens pose with Bold Earth flag in front of a red neon sign overhead that says "Boardwalk"The weather in California seems to be pleasant no matter the time of year. Showers, fog, and cooler weather balance out the hot and sunny beach days. Even with rising temperatures, California remains a year-round destination for individuals from everywhere in the world. Much of California is classified as a Mediterranean climate, meaning warm and sunny summers with cooler temperatures in the winter.

With Bold Earth outdoor adventure trips for teens, we’ll be visiting during the summer when the weather is warm and dry, the perfect backdrop for hiking as warm winds move in from the Mojave Desert to meet the cool ocean breeze from the Pacific.

Take in a Stunning, Natural Experience

California provides so many natural wonders that it can be challenging to narrow down choices when planning a trip.

From spectacular mountain views to lush forests and awe-inspiring coastlines, California scenery rivals the views from anywhere else in the world.

Some of the United States’ most beautiful natural wonders call the Golden State home. Yosemite National Park provides approximately 1,200 miles of granite beauty. Redwood National Park is home to the tallest redwood trees in the world. Outside of San Francisco, we can find the Marin Headlands, home to the coastal prairie ecosystem and where Lucasfilms made Star Wars.

Group of teens sit on logs in front of a waterfall in California


Visit the West Coast with Bold Earth Adventures

Here at Bold Earth Adventures, we believe in teens getting outdoors for the summer, inspiring them to go beyond their boundaries and dive into experiences that take them out of their comfort zone.

Exploring California, whether as a local resident or visitor from afar, is a once in a lifetime experience. Bold Earth strives to match the best itineraries with unique groups of teens who are up for a brand new adventure. Let’s explore together!


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