Tech-Free Travel: A Guide to Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Izzy Perry01 Apr, 2024

A girl smiles over her shoulder in the front of a kayak on calm, blue water

Can you imagine a world where teens are more at peace without their smartphones? Surprisingly, a study from Pew Research Center in 2024 revealed that 72% of U.S. teens often or sometimes find peace when smartphone-free. This notion brings us to the core of something Bold Earth programs embrace: tech-free travel for the youth.

With over 45 years of experience, our team carefully crafts teen adventure camps that promise personal growth, leadership skills, and unforgettable experiences. Adventure awaits. Now it’s time to unplug and explore.

Why You Should Embrace the Adventure & Ditch the Screen

Get Away From Stress

Let’s face it, being constantly connected can be pretty stressful. Without the constant pings from your phone, life actually gets a lot simpler. Imagine not worrying about the next text or the latest social media update.

Instead, you’re zip-lining through the forests of Costa Rica or kayaking waters in Thailand. These experiences with Bold Earth give you a break from screen stress, letting you enjoy the thrill of adventure and the peace of nature.

Make Real Connections

Without screens, it’s easier to make friends. Really. When you’re not staring down at your phone, you’re looking up at the people around you. On our programs, you’ll be with other teens from all over, sharing incredible experiences. The majority of our participants arrive without knowing anybody else on the trip. It’s easy to dive into the comfort of a screen to chat with friends back home instead of going through the work of getting to know new people. Taking a break from our phones allows for the opportunity to open ourselves up and be in the moment.

Whether you’re setting up camp under the stars in Arizona or learning to surf in Hawaii, those shared moments turn into strong friendships—way more meaningful than any online chat.

A girl hangs on a zipline over the jungle canopy

Boost Your Confidence

Trying new things without the safety net of technology teaches you a lot about what you’re capable of. Ever thought you could navigate using a map and compass in the Swiss Alps? Or cook a meal over a campfire in the wilds of Tanzania?

Bold Earth programs teach you about yourself. You’re way more capable than you or anyone else might have thought.

Learn Cool New Skills

On tech-free travel, you’re not just sitting around. You’re actively learning and doing a wide range of activities you probably wouldn’t be able to do at home.

This could mean getting the hang of a new sport, picking up some words in a foreign language, or even learning how to protect the environment while exploring it. These are skills that stick with you, way after the trip ends.

Have Unforgettable Experiences

Remember, the best parts of life aren’t happening on a screen. They’re happening out there in the real world. With our programs, you’re not just a spectator; you’re living the adventure.

These are the stories you’ll tell for years, about the time you conquered a mountain, saw a breathtaking sunset without feeling the need to Instagram it, or had a laugh-out-loud moment with new friends from across the globe. This is what real life is about.

Tech-free travel with Bold Earth is about living your teen years to the fullest, with stories you’ll actually want to tell—in person. Don’t know where to go this summer? Explore our programs now before it’s too late! You’d never know what awaits you!


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