The Coolest Things to Do On Our Summer Trips for Teens in Thailand

Caiden Orosco05 Jul, 2023

If you’re looking for unique and impactful summer trips for teens, you have come to the right place. At Bold Earth, we have over 45 years of experience providing memorable teen camping trips and extraordinary summer trips abroad. We prefer to have smaller group sizes of only 10 to 13 students with as close to an equal possible ratio of boys and girls. This ensures that every participant can have a personalized experience and cultivate meaningful connections.

Each trip itinerary is intentionally designed to provide opportunities for leadership, collaboration, critical thinking, and other vital skills that are essential for success in the 21st century. Speaking of modern times, we also recognize how crucial face-to-face interaction can be in our screen-riddled world.

On a Bold Earth trip, phone usage is limited to better emphasize the value of being present in the moment and appreciating the phenomenal landscapes and cultures you visit. One of these astonishing landscapes is none other than the fascinating country of Thailand. If you are or have a teen that’s going into 9th to 12th grade and are searching for something exciting to do this summer, consider these incredible opportunities in the Land of Smiles.

Explore Wondrous Cities and Villages

During the first few days of the trip, you’ll be introduced to Thailand’s second-largest city, Chiang Mai. The city used to be the capital of the old kingdom of Lan Na—located in the mountainous Thai highlands—and is now home to hill tribe villages, vibrant markets, and fabulous food. Experience cultural immersion as you spend time with a local family on their farm and learn organic farming techniques.

As you learn from the family, you will also gather ingredients and cook an exquisite Thai meal to fuel yourself for a hike to the breathtaking views looking over Chiang Mai. You can even spend a day learning how to basketweave with hill tribe villagers and touring nearby rice fields. On the last day in Chiang Mai, another hike takes you to an awe-inspiring hidden Buddhist temple in the forest, Wat Palad. Here, you’ll encounter beautiful stone carvings, statues, and bridges, in a peaceful atmosphere near natural waterfalls.

In southern Thailand, you can experience the city of Phuket and its world-famous beaches over several afternoons. Enjoy authentic and delicious street food while admiring the talented street performers and vibrant nightlife. You’ll even visit the infamous Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Eknakiri. This 112-foot-tall Buddha statue resides over Phuket and provides a place for meditation to develop wisdom and peace of mind.

Experience Incredible Cultural Immersion

International travel for teens is a phenomenal opportunity for encountering and learning about different cultures and lifestyles. This first-hand experience allows you to challenge yourself and your preconceived notions of the world and life and undergo a level of personal growth that is difficult to understand without traveling beyond your comfort zone.

During our summer trips for teens in Thailand, you can enjoy cultural immersion through several nights of homestays with Thai families. Learning the social customs of the home and family and trying out home-cooked meals is one of the best ways to get a unique cultural experience that is hard to replicate.

Connect with Nature and Try Your Hand at Adventurous Activities

One of the most exciting parts of any Bold Earth-led summer trip for teens is the opportunity to ignite or cultivate your passion for nature and outdoor activities. In Thailand, you can experience a variety of outdoor ventures, such as:

  • Hiking through lush forests
  • Traverse stunning waterfalls and natural caves
  • Kayaking, swimming and snorkeling through dazzling, warm waters

With the help of knowledgeable climbing instructors, you’ll learn everything you need to know to scramble up Thailand’s renowned limestone cliffs safely. You’ll also get to spend a couple of nights in floating bungalows on the massive lake in Khao Sok National Park. Experience the peaceful and revitalizing energy of the emerald green waters as you jump in from the decks right next to your bed.

Later during the trip, you can snorkel alongside dozens of colorful fish and marine life as you hop around the stunning islands. There is no shortage of stunning natural beauty to explore as you travel across Thailand and hop around its lovely islands.

Participate in Helpful Service Projects and Interact with Wonderful Animals

Meaningful community service is incorporated into the itinerary for our summer trips for teens. At Bold Earth, our staff and alums have seen that service projects help present unique opportunities for teens to become active participants in the communities and cultures they visit. Service opportunities help them gain valuable experiences and knowledge that can’t be earned through simply passing through the country.

During the trip to Thailand, you’ll have the chance to work directly with local students and help them learn a little English. Tourism is one of the primary industries supporting Thailand’s economy, so connecting with locals and helping them practice their English skills is an excellent way to help cultivate their communities.

Other service projects during this trip are more directly involved with Thailand’s breathtaking nature and animals. You’ll have the opportunity to assist with beach conservation efforts by helping eliminate invasive species, plant vital mangrove trees, and clean up mangrove forests around the island of Koh Kood. On a different day, you’ll visit the Elephant Nature Park and help feed, bathe, and clean up elephant habitats at this fantastic animal rehabilitation center. During one of your days in Phuket, you’ll work as a volunteer with the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project’s animal caregivers and learn how they are helping save the Gibbon monkeys from extinction.

Thailand’s Best Bold Earth trip is no ordinary teen camping trip. This is an exceptional and one-of-a-kind experience of international travel for teens you won’t want to miss. Check out the detailed itinerary and sign up for the trip here, or contact us if you have any questions. We’re always happy to hear from you!


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