What Are the Best Summer Adventures for High School Students?

Josh Goldbach22 Oct, 2019

You hear it all the time but high school truly does provide you with some of the best times of your life. While it can be stressful and full of angst (i.e. college prep), it’s also an amazing opportunity for growth, exploration, and fun. In high school, your general being has been sketched out but not fully drawn in yet. Meaning, it’s the time to have big experiences to help you define who you are and who you’ll become. High school is a perfect time to be pushed out of your comfort zone and have new experience, which is where Bold Earth comes in. 

We specialize in life-changing adventures, especially for individuals in high school. While we have a lot on offer, the majority of our trips focus on providing exceptional experiences to high school aged students. So, without further adieu, let’s dive into some of our best summer adventures for high school students. 

Epic Africa

teens with surfboards in Africa

Perfect for students in grades 9 through 12, our Epic Africa adventure will take you to the second-largest continent on the planet. While here, you’ll explore the African bush in places like Kruger National Park, whitewater raft on the Sabie River, and snorkel amongst shallow coral reefs in Ponta Do Ouro. 

While this trip is certainly loads of fun, it’s also full of experiences that will help you prepare for college. Throughout the Epic Africa trip, you’ll be giving back to various communities along the way. The group will perform community service in St. Lucia in the form of building swings at playgrounds, participating in soup kitchens, and planting crops in community vegetable gardens. This adventure is as exciting as it is enlightening.

Ultimate Costa Rica

costa rica

Another 21-day adventure we offer is our Ultimate Costa Rica trip. It’s perfect for those looking for equal parts summer fun, community service, and cultural immersion. When it comes to community service, you’ll be lending a helping hand to young students, small farmers, wildlife reserves, and local beaches. 

On the other hand, the fun you’ll have in Costa Rica is practically unmatched by any ordinary summer spent at home. While here, you will learn how to speak Spanish (or improve your existing skills), explore a volcano national park, hike in animal rich forests, learn to surf at Playa Tamarindo, and saunter through rainforests. 

Thailand’s Best


For 18 days, come explore the majesty of Thailand with our Thailand’s Best excursion. This trip is infused with plenty of culture and numerous unforgettable experiences. From start to finish, this adventure will have you wide-eyed and slack-jawed. After all, where else would you have the opportunity to interact with elephants, climb up a waterfall, kayak amongst iconic landmarks, and hike to hidden temples? Thailand is an incredible place to spend your summer.

Giving back is a big part of journeying to Thailand too. Over the course of 18 days, you will plant mangroves, weed out invasive species, restore beaches, and help out at a gibbon monkey sanctuary. 

Spain France Pyrenees

teen surfing

Set off for a journey through northern Spain and southern France in this exquisite 16-day summer adventure. You’ll kick things off in Barcelona where you’ll tour the city, learn about its unique architecture, and steep yourself in culture. Most importantly, you’ll hike through the Pyrenees Mountains, revel in gorgeous sights, go whitewater rafting, and see Spain’s “Grand Canyon”. 

The second leg of the trip is no less exciting. After leaving the mountains behind, the group will receive professional surf lessons in a locale some might recognize as an iconic backdrop from Game of Thrones. Additionally, you’ll spend a day canyoneering in Sierra de Guara National Park. You can’t miss out on our Spain France Pyrenees trip!

Bold Alps

teens hiking bold alps

If you’re looking for true alpine fun, check out Bold Alps. Don’t let the idea of alpine air scare you away from this summer trek as the weather is beautiful and the views are stunning, practically some of the prettiest sights you’ll see out of any other Bold Earth trip. Over the course of 14 days, you’ll hike the iconic tour du Mont Blanc, otherwise known as the TMB. You’ll stay in different huts each night as this adventure will take you through France, Switzerland, and Italy.  

Aside from experiencing Mont Blanc, you’ll go canyoneering and whitewater rafting in Chamonix, and go rock climbing near Lacs Des Gaillands. This voyage is made for those who love being in the mountains and all the activities that come with it.    

Embark on a Summer Adventure with Bold Earth

Make your teen years even sweeter by venturing out on a memorable expedition with us. The five trips listed above will provide you with lifelong memories and experiences that will have you itching to travel the world again and again. Come broaden your horizons with us! 


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