Hawaii Adventure: Activities

Hawaii is one of North America’s most sought-after locations for adventure travel. At Bold Earth, we make sure to explore every exciting activity Hawaii has to offer, while making sure we give back with community service trips throughout our time together.

Surfing in Hawaii

For three days, we’ll receive professional surfing lessons at Kahalu’u Beach Park. Kahalu’u is protected by a mostly submerged lava rock wall, meaning it offers perfect waves for students of all abilities. Clear and shallow water give you perfect views of a huge tropical fish population and vibrant coral reefs. We’ll start our surf lessons by getting acquainted with our boards on the beach. We’ll soon move out to gentle surf breaks to try our hand at standing up. Surfing in Hawaii is an incredibly popular pastime, and one that’s not to be missed!

Snorkeling in Hawaii

Another must-do activity! Snorkeling in Hawaii offers unending views of exotic marine life, from sea turtles to parrotfish to eels. Kahalu’u Bay is shallow (not more then neck-deep in most places), which means sunlight can filter through the water more easily and support the coral reefs, which in turn supports and feeds even more marine life. The fish are almost tame and swim casually among snorkelers, allowing us to get up close and personal. We’ll also be sure to meet some sea turtles along the way, either swimming alongside them or while they’re sunning on the beach. After our underwater adventure, we’ll be certified PADI certified in snorkeling!

Biking in Hawaii

Explore Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano on two wheels! Biking in Hawaii offers a whole new perspective. You’ll ride through both lush rainforests and black lava tubes and flows, and you’ll cruise by the rim of the volcano crater itself. We’ll even get to walk by the steam vents. At times, you’ll have panoramic, 360-views! The trails we ride are suitable for every level, from beginner to advanced.

Sailing in Hawaii

Everyone should experience the thrill of sailing in Hawaii. Students will learn the basics of sailing a catamaran, including knot-tying, trimming sails, and how to stay safe at sea. As we’re cruising along, we’ll likely see spinner dolphins, Hawaiian green sea turtles, manta rays, and maybe even monk seals!