Marisa “Roo”

Trip Leader: California Bold 1 and Croatia & Montenegro 2

Originally from New Jersey, Marisa (Roo) attended the University of Richmond for a degree in business administration and marketing, with a minor in visual media arts. She was a D1 athlete in college, and still loves being super active and playing team sports.

During her undergraduate years, Marisa was a coach for track and field camps during the summer and traveled internationally to attend elite trail running competitions. Roo lived in Spain for 5 years where she taught English in Spanish public schools and in the Pyrenees mountains. Roo loves traveling and has been to 33 countries in the last decade.

She has worked in outdoor education all over California and has walked over 550 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain! Roo has been trained as a Wilderness First Responder and lifeguard and is stoked to be back for her fourth Bold Earth summer!