Trip Leader: Kilimanjaro Summit and Service

Satish is a Nepali mountaineer and trekking guide. He began guiding at age 16 and has been in the industry ever since. Now 50, he has his own company, Nireka Adventures, and takes clients from all over the world trekking through Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Tanzania and South America as well as up many of Himalayas highest peaks. Satish has summited many of the highest mountains in the world and has done so with a consistent positive attitude and lots of singing along the way. Satish fluently speaks Nepali, Japanese, English, Urdu and Newari. In addition to taking many elderly clients from all over the world on high altitude treks, Satish also works with young people from international schools in South East Asia with a focus on personal development and experiential learning in the mountains. When he isn’t guiding or trekking for pleasure, Satish is engaging in humanitarian work and spends most of his time working in villages that were most impacted by the 2015 Nepal earthquake. He organizes health camps, offers first aid courses, and helps raise funds for scholarships for children to go to school. Satish has been trained as a Wilderness First Responder and is so excited to lead trips with Bold Earth this summer.