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Colorado Disco – Day 11 Climbing!

We awoke distraught with sleepiness. The boys were awoken with pots and pans by the girls. The girls started the morning with dunking their heads in the river by the campground. It is also Darly’s 14th birthday!! We quickly recovered from our sleepiness and ate breakfast and packed lunch set up by Izzy, Westin, and Simon. Today is our climbing day. We met our guides and got our gear. We went climbing on a very cool and rocky mountain. It was a very pleasant experience. We got to go on multiple routes. Simon and Mia were great belayers. Some of us liked the heights more than others but everyone went climbing. On our way back from climbing we stopped at a lake where we built a table made out of rocks. When we arrived at camp we realized that not all of the tents were where we left them. Somehow Charlie, Peri and Simon’s tent had lifted off the stakes and was thankfully caught in a tree right next to camp. Coen then was really helpful and helped refill water. Max decided to shave his head because it has been so hot and Peri helped shave it. After dinner we had a birthday celebration for Darly that included brownies and singing even though she asked us not to. We then were surprised with a trip to the drive in movies to see Spider-Man across the spiderverse!

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