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CB1 – Day 2 Rock Climbing

Greetings parents and other readers!

We started off our second day bright and early in beautiful Colorado to the sound of rapids and a slight chill. Our first cook crew, Dexter, Sarah, Gideon, and Juliet, prepared a delicious spread of bagels, cereal, croissants, and yogurt which we ate around the pit. After breakfast we washed our dishes, played a quick game of DAGS, packed sandwiches, and rain proofed the campsite under the guidance of today’s student leader Kaylin, woopwoop. We packed into the van and drove up to the office so Mo could fill out some paperwork while we vibed to music that would become the staple of our drives. Our guides, Pete, Dylan, and Kaylee, then outfitted us with helmets, harnesses, and climbing shoes before we drove to The Crag. After a brief but steep hike we got geared up and began climbing with guidance from our awesome guides. We congratulate John, both James, Juliet, Max, Maya, Sam, Lauren, Kaylin, Gideon, and Sarah who all sent one or more routes. And a special congratulations to Mo, Lucas, and Connor who all sent the most difficult route. We spent a few hours climbing the mountain with a brief intermission for lunch and snacks before returning to camp. Back at camp we separated into cook crews and planned out our next few days of meals. Then we set off on a grocery trip the success of which we celebrated with mango popsicles. We returned to camp and the cook crew got started on a delicious dinner of hotdogs, hamburgers, and salad. We ate around the campfire in our crazy creek chairs while passing around a book of super duper jokes with questionable logic. We finished of the evening with smores and the evening meeting before everyone returned to their tents and turned in for the night.

Goodnight and best wishes from the members of Colorado Bold session 1!


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