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CB1 – Day 10

Today we woke up at 7:30AM to the sound of Connor blasting music (again). We then quickly packed up and enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon oatmeal, bagels, fruit, and crossaints made by Max, Sarah, Sam, and Maya. Soon after, we got in the van and began our 1 hour trip from Colorado back to Utah for our three day rafting trip. Upon arrival, we were handed dry bags to put our things in, and we met our guides: Mike, Emma, and Tiana. Then, we loaded into our rafts, with Max and Dexter in one raft, Sam and James H in another, Kaylin and Sarah on the paddle board, and everyone else in the big raft. Lucas spent most of the time swimming between boats though. After rafting for a little, we stopped and enjoyed salad-ice-cream-cone-wraps™ made by the guides. Not long before we ate the salad-ice-cream-cone-wraps™, the river sucked one of Gid’s $150 shoes off. Tensions were high as Gid, Mo, Connor, Kaylin, John, and James KG wrestled with the river, but unfortunately, the river won, and the shoe remains in the river to this day. Our sacrifice was not in vain, though, because the river granted us with a smooth trip to our first campsite where we played horseshoe, SpotIt, and poker (Lauren won). After some time of playing, we were all ravenous, but the guides did not disappoint with a three course meal of chips and dip, burritos, and chocolate cheesecake. We finished off the the day with an evening meeting on the sand, and soon after, we went to sleep.

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