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CB1 day 11- stranded on a beach aka castaway

This morning I roughly 7:15 am we were welcomed by the smell of Connor and food. Some stayed in bed while others had some delicious tea (but no coffee of course). Soon after our guides made us some delicious breakfast sandwiches and we packed up camp and we were off for day 2 of our rafting trip. In the ducky boats we had Maya and Lauren in one and James K and John K in the other. I followed on the stand up paddle board. Everyone else led the way on the paddle boat. We went through four exciting rapids with no one falling off. Eventually we got to camp where we were rewarded with some lays, lemon oreos, and Connor’s gluten-free oreos. Then we had some more sandwiches, but today with pickles (rating 6.5/10). Later Sam and Dexter made a large fort from the raft to have a glimpse of shade. During this time Kaylin, Juliet, and I made drip towers and we were quickly covered in sand. Soon after Gid, Sam, and Dexter made a mini pool/spa in the sand while the girls sat in the water to cool down. Max also made an additional fort were many took a nice shady nap. After being in the sun for hours the guides took James H, Lucas, Dexter, Kaylin, Mo, Connor, and I swimming through the rapids. Eventually the sun had finally set and dinner was ready. The guides made us BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans, a salad and lemon bars for dessert. After a long day on the rapids and hanging out on the beach we all quickly feel asleep under the stars.


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