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CB1 – Day 12

Another hot day on the banks of the Colorado River in Utah kicked off with an amazing breakfast provided by Tiana, Emma and Mike. We enjoyed pancakes bacon and fruit salad as the sun creeped over the canyon. After doing our dishes we slowly packed up camp, put on our PFDs and got on the rapids. To start, Maya, Lauren, James KG, John, Dexter and Max led in the paddle boat with Juliet, Sarah and I not far behind on a duck and then Gid, Sam and Lucas on another duck and finally James H on the stand-up paddle board. Having been on the water for about five minutes Juliet, Sarah and I had already jumped into the water to swim for a couple miles. Mike let us swim through some rapids which was great. Throughout the day people switched between rafts, ducks and the SUP. Before even getting to lunch Connor had managed to fall off the paddle board several times leaving him drenched as he pulled into the lunch spot. We played a cult light game of bunny-bunny then enjoyed a scrumptious meal of Chipotle ranch salad ice cream cone wraps. We completed our final stretch of the river for the rafting trip, unloaded the rafts and piled into the van for a drive back to Highline Lake State Park in Colorado. We stopped in Moab for groceries and Mo took us all to ice cream while Connor was getting our food for the next day. On the van ride us campers managed to take off every headrest and stack them on a sleeping James KG. The rest of the ride consisted of lots of song requests including Stick Season and by Mo’s choice, an unbearable three minutes of Crab Rave. Eventually we made it back to camp where the KGs started dinner while the rest of us enjoyed showers. The pizza and wraps turned out amazing thanks to our chefs John, James and Juliet KG. We did some cleaning around camp, had evening meeting and then enjoyed another tentless night under the stars.

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