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CB1 – Day 13 – The last hoorah

We woke up today at about 7 o’clock at our camp in Highline State Park with the main task of the moment was cleaning out everything and I mean everything. First the trailer then the tents, then the rain flies, then the dishes – all of them.  This huge task was set before us right after breakfast, meaning that every dish we need to wash was guaranteed to be dirty making the task more daunting. That said, Connor had devised an excellent plan. The people who worked the hardest and seemingly more importantly, won the most games we played during our cleaning, would get to choose their seat in the van first for the main part of the day, a 5 hour drive from camp to a new camp in Cherry Creek Park. The perfect van spot was now the goal and you had to earn your “check-in” slot and pick your seat on Connors board. The games required our full effort but in the end the order went like this: Gid, Kaylin, Sara, Juliet, James, Max, Sam, Lucas, Maya, John K, James H, Dexter, Lauren and finally Lauren because we save the best for last. After the whole van shenanigans, we all buckled up for around 5 hours of driving to our new campsite at Cherry Creek Park before we arrived. However, we stopped for 45 minutes of personal shopping at a town called Frisco. We arrived three hours later at Cherry Creek after settling down we went to have our final dinner out at at In-N-Out. We flooded their order lists with double patties and shakes after that we circled around the grass and wrote airport letters to each other that we could not open until the airport day. We then drove off and Sung “Stick Season” until we drove home and PS that performance was absolutely beautiful. Then we arrived back at Cherry Creek and prepared ourselves for a wonderful night, and a possibly very, very, very early morning.

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