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CB1 – Day 3 Rafting N Fun

We started the day the same as yesterday, with breakfast around 7 am, but this time it was prepared by Sam, Lucas, Kailyn and John. They put out cereal, yogurt, berries and eggs. We then set off on an adventurous day of white water rafting! We were guided in two separate groups by our guides, Joey who guided Sarah, Dexter, Max, Sam, John, and Maya and Brendon who guided both James, Gid, Kaylin, Lucas, Juliet, and Lauren. Although it felt shorter the trip was a total of 5 hours with two rest stops along the way which included lunch. The rapids were larger than expected but thankfully due to our amazing guides no one fell out of the rafts or even came close. After the trip we all went back to the campsite and had some snacks before Mo and Connor surprised us with a trip to downtown Buena Vista. We all got ice cream and went in some stores before making our way back to camp for the night. We came back around 5:00pm and played some games while cook crew prepared a pasta dinner with garlic bread and salad. John, Kailyn, Sam, Lucas, max, and Mo all performed a theatrical skit for the group before our wonderful meal. We then heated up some pie over the fire, had an amazing evening meeting and made our way to bed. Tonights question of the day was, what is the secret to a good life, what is your answer?

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