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We started off the day by eating breakfast prepared by James, James, Lauren, and Maya. Then we packed up camp and said goodbye to RMOC. Connor and Mo gave us the option to shower or let the stink continue. We chose shower.

Before showers we stopped to do a grocery shop. The shop was controlled chaos, and I think some employees were concerned with the huge amount of food we bought! After shoving everything into our coolers and designated cook crew bins, we hit the road eager for those heart warming showers. After we all arrived at the rec center to take our showers, Lucas, Gid, Dexter and I all claimed dibs on the first round of showers. James, James, Max and John got the second round of showers. Maya, Lauren, Sarah, and Kailyn showered in the girls shower first, then followed by Juliet. After our refreshing shower cleaning all of the dirt and grime off of us, we ended the day with some much needed dinner at our one night stay at Hermit Hollow campground. Tomorrow we head to Rocky Mountain National park!

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