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CB1 – Day 5 Via Ferrata

Today we slept in till 7:15 before quickly waking up to pack tents and eat breakfast. Gideon had to be up at 6:45 to set up cook crew, leaving me and James KG to unstake and start packing up our tent.

Once we finished packing up camp and Connor and Mo were done struggling with water, we set out for Via Ferrata. On the way we listened to Sam very unenthusiastically sing “Party in the USA.” After hiking to the start of the Via Ferrata we were put into climbing groups with our guides. I got to lead our first team with Lauren behind me and Juliet in the back. In a distant second place came James KG, Dexter, and John. For third place there was Gideon, Sam, Lucas, and James H. In last but not least we had Maya, Sara, Kaylin, and Mo “the closer.”

After a long, late lunch and a steep decline we were back in the van and heading to Glacier Basin in Rocky Mountain National Park. To finish the day we enjoyed a hearty dinner of nachos and delicious donuts for dessert. We concluded with evening meeting and ended day 5!

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