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CB1 – Day 6 RMNP

Today we started the day off a little earlier than usual at 6:45 am. After waking we enjoyed breakfast as a group before departing our adventure for the day hike. The drive was pretty quick and shortly after we started our hike we passed a few lakes on the way up and James KG, John, Juliet, Lauren, and Max took pictures. We made it to a nice lake at the top and took some group photos. On the way down I played some fun games with Gideon, Sarah, Kaylin, Sam, and James H. After the hike we quickly went back to camp to then be surprised with having a trip to town. While in town I walked around with Dexter, James H, Gideon, and Sam we went to some stores. We also went to both an ice cream and a pizza shop! After that, everyone enjoyed rice bowls followed by delicious dessert. We concluded the day by cleaning, getting ready for bed, and enjoying a group evening meeting. Maya and John earned their Bold Earth hats and we ended the night with a 4th of July glowsticks karaoke party!

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