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CB1 – Day 8 Moab!

We started the day by waking up to Connor playing his favorite song at 5:30. We then got ready for our hike to delicate arch. At 6 we loaded up the van and Sara our leader of the day made sure everyone packed the right things and we were ready to go. During our hike, we saw many cool rock formations. On the way back down, Max made a vlog on his GoPro with Kaylin, James H, and Gideon. Once we got back, Sam, Lauren, and Max made us waffles and bagels for breakfast.

Our first activity was doing laundry and calling home. At 2 we went to a grocery store. James H, Juliet, and I went shopping for breakfast food. For our personal shopping, John and James K G got Pringles and Ritz crackers. Lucas and Maya also got Pringles for their snack. Later we took showers and went swimming in a pool. Once we got back we cleaned up the camp, ate pizza for dinner, and then went to bed under the stars.

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