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CB1 – Day 9

The day kicked off at 6:00 AM with the thundering sound of “No Sleep Till Brookyln.” Shortly thereafter a breakfast of cereal, fruit, and bagels was served by Dexter, James H, John, and Juliet. After quickly washing our dishes, we narrowly saved our Milt’s burger chances by loading the van by 7:15 am. At 8:15 am we finally arrived to our destination, The Youth Garden Center, where we would indulge in very organic and juicy fruit, pull weed – But most notably James H, Dexter, Sam, John K-G, James K-G, Lauren, Kaylen, Lucas, and I overcame the dusty and uneven court to enjoy several rounds of gaga ball where I was crowned ultimate gaga ball champion. On the other hand Connor claimed that the most notable event was eating freshly picked apricots with Sarah, Maya, Lauren, and himself. While this was very fun, the almost unanimous highlight of the day was about to take place. The time had finally arrived stomachs were growling and wallets were ready; Milt’s had no clue what was about to hit them. Suddenly the van door was opened and our large swarm of burger-craving campers swarm the order line. The employees faces were shocked with the amount of burgers being ordered, but this is only the start. Seemingly all 15 campers also ordered some combination of another burger, fries, or a shake. One by one the orders were called, and were savagely eaten almost immediately after receiving them. But soon the comfortable turf had tired and full people on it, and the single bathroom had a very, very long line. The next event was one that scared a lot people: a two-hour van ride with over-fed passengers. Our expectations were low, somehow the van ride turned out to be one for the history books. A simple game of “like this is but this isn’t” consumed the attention of everyone in the van. Once we arrived at the campsite we were told that there was a body of water that we could swim in, but most importantly there were highly worshiped showers. Before going back to the highly anticipated showers. Then we set up a splendid dinner of lunch sandwiches with cookies, sandwiched meat, and pesto sauce. Sadly tonight there was no dessert which means that my blogging experience is completed.

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