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CB1 – Pre Trip Blog

Welcome to the Colorado Bold 1 trip blog!!!

Mo and Connor (your amazing trip leaders) have been working hard to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. We just finished with our amazing week of staff training and are now getting our van (our new temporary home) and trailer (our new temporary closet) in order before you all arrive in Denver. We will be reaching out to each and every family to confirm some medical and flight information. Please be on the lookout for a (508) or (919) number within the next day or two.

Some helpful tips:

A thin long sleeve sun hoodie can be a game changer with the amount of time we spend on the sun.

Wear your bold earth attire in the airport so you are easily recognizable.

Pack your rain jacket and empty water bottles in your day pack for easy access upon arrival.

Bring a smile:)

Bring some fun clothing for our last night out and our spontaneous dance parties.

The Denver airport is divided into 4 sections. Terminals A, B, and C (the gates) and Jeppeson terminal (security, baggage claim, and parking). When you arrive you will land at A, B, or C. From there you will keep following the signs “Baggage Claim” until you cross the pedestrian bridge or use the train to get to Jepesson Terminal. We will be posted up between the east and west sections of this terminal and waiting for you at the reception area right as you come into the terminal. It can be confusing at times so follow the signs as best you can. If you happen to get lost along the way give either Mo or Connor a call.

A little bit about your trip leaders:

Mo: Mo grew up in North Carolina and studied Wildlife Science and Outdoor education in college. After college, she spent several years working seasonally in outdoor education and as a field technician. She settled in Vermont and works as a support staff in the public school system. She loves birds, rock climbing, and skiing. She is excited to join you for your season at bold earth.

Connor: Connor is a graduate of Norwich University with a degree in exercise science. Morning PT will start at 5 am every morn if you wanna join! He loves the water, candy, and a good joke. Connor used to be a bold earth student and is now living his dream as a bold earth leader.

Mo: (919)-455-6680

Connor: (508)-455-7501

Feel free to contact Mo or Connor if you have any last-minute questions!

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