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Colorado Bold 3- Day 4 Vía Ferrata

This morning we woke up at 6:45 a.m. Sally and Rachel demonstrated how to take down the tents. After getting done with that, we packed all of our stuff and we had breakfast bagel buffet with cereal that Chase and Franky prepared. We packed our sandwiches and we headed to Estes park to climb the Via Ferrata.

While entering the parking lot we had a little oopsie whilst parking and hit the van against a roof. Even though that happened, we managed to go to the hike that led to the Via Ferrata. Dianne’s bag broke, but everyone was willing to help out. Most of us were nervous before beginning the climb, but after starting most of us calmed down. We had amazing guides who talked us through every step of the way. James, Harry, Braxton and Eden did a great job explaining all of the equipment and safety precautions. Melina and Sienna were in a group together with Finn, who was particularly worried before the climb but he made it to the top of the mountain and was happy about the view that he got to see. We all ate our sandwiches on top of the mountain while enjoying great views as Franky was completing her junior ranger book. We hiked down a very steep mountain while it was raining but everyone made it.

While heading to the new campsite we stopped to go grocery shopping for the supplies that the cook crew would need for the next few days. The people on the cook crews are going to be Dianne, Reagan, Jack, Willow and Nellie who decided what and how much food we had to get.

After arriving at our campsite we all took some time to set up, relax, listen to some music, and prepare for the evening. Our culture crew chatted with the rangers and we even saw a massive elk, who was grazing near the ranger station at sunset. Our camp crew prepared some amazing tacos and we enjoyed them around a fire as we shared the highlights of our day. The night was cold but fresh and we enjoyed a stunning display of stars before we headed off to sleep.

We’re ready for another amazing day tomorrow!


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