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Howdy friends and family!

We are here in colorful Colorado for the first day of our grand adventure out West!! Everyone has safely landed in Denver and we headed out to make a stop for lunch and some getting-to-know-you games on our way to Glacier Basin National Park! This where we’ll be camping in for the next four nights, and we can’t wait to explore the beauty of the Rocky Mountains!

We are all so excited for the adventures to come, and can’t wait to get to know each other better as we spend the next two weeks climbing, rafting, and hiking through the mountains of Colorado and Utah!

Rachel, Max & Sally are thrilled to have this amazing group of students, and we can’t wait to update you on our travels along the way! We will be doing a tent demo and burrito dinner when we arrive at camp and hopefully getting lots of rest for our day of hiking tomorrow!

Lots of love,

Colorado Bold Crew


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