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Colorado Bold – Day 10 Service Day!

Today we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of muffins, cereal, coffee, and hot chocolate as we quickly packed up our camp at Arches National Park. We took a moment to admire the sunrise and say goodbye to the desert and the Arches for the last time. We then first went to the youth community garden to do some weeding, turnip, and radish planting, and some chicken holding. Following that, we went on a very long drive to a beautiful restaurant, where we had delicious barbecue chicken pizza and great views of the dough rising. After that, we went after that a few of us went to Walmart including Reagan, Willow, Diane, Melina, Finn, and Sienna while Chase Frankie, Nelly, and Jack set up camp at our lovely riverside campsite where we will stay for the remaining three days. We had a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs cooked by our wonderful chefs Finn, Reagan, and Nelly.

– Jack

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