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Colorado Bold – Day 11 Rock Climbing

We started the day at 7 o’clock with cereal and yogurt and then we had angel cake and fruit after breakfast. Next we went to the outfitters to get ready for rock climbing and after getting our gear we got in the vehicles and drove to the rock climbing spot. On the way we saw mountain goats and lots of cows! Once we got there we had a toasty hike, and after arriving at the rock spot, we began climbing with Frankie and Jack starting first. After that everyone else went climbing and Melina was like a lizard on the wall. Sienna challenged herself and everyone ended up climbing at least once. After climbing we headed back to the vehicles and went to the store where people picked out their own shopping lists and shopped for the food we need for the rest of the trip. Then everyone went out to explore and find new things to buy in the town, Finn bought a book and Jack got chocolate. Willow bought a shirt in town, and Reagan just bought a drink. Frankie bought a new cross necklace. Chase helped out with dinner, Nelly helped make food, and Finn accidentally dropped all of his mac & cheese on the ground. Once dinner was ready everyone was called over and it was drizzling rain. The team gathered for an amazing dinner cooked by Jack, Diane, Sienna, and Nelly. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of mac & cheese in different varieties with toppings such as hotdogs, tomatoes, green onions, meatballs, bacon bits, and love. Our amazing dinner was interrupted suddenly by a rainstorm with thunder, so we took cover. We listened to music and had an evening meeting under the stars of the night sky.

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