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Colorado Bold Day 12

This morning we woke up at 7 o’clock for a cold breakfast, including pastries, bagels, cereal, and yogurt. Not only was the breakfast cold, but it was a very rainy day for rafting. Despite the weather conditions, we gathered and got our gear for the last day of rafting and activities. We were split into groups with Chase, Frankie, Nelly, Jack, and Sienna in one boat while Melina, Willow, Diane, Finn, Rachel, and Sally were in the other. After the first few Rapids, the rain cleared, and by then, we were already having so much fun midway through the trip! We stopped at a spot called jump rock where we jumped into the cold water! After that, we were flying through the rapid and Jack almost fell out of the boat, but Max courageously saved him. There were many failed attempts to sink each other’s boats and so we took it as a sign to enjoy the water and relax at the final stretch. Everyone was paddling hard and we finished strong. Wet and cold we took off our gear and hopped into the van back to our campsite. Once we arrived, everyone agreed it was nap time and we chilled in the shade, read our books in the evening, and got ice cream for a few hours later that evening. We wrote nice letters to each other to read on the airplane and had a mini party. To finish the night we went back our campsite and sat around the fire as Rachel read “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss.

Love, Sienna

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