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Colorado Bold Day 2 – Hike to Cub Lake!

We woke at 7:30am with some help from our leader of the day Finn. We were (mostly) well rested after a great night sleep in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Some people woke to the rain in the night, but most slept like the dead, even those who were camping for the first time!

Everyone did great at waking up, and getting the day started well. Our camp crew Sienna and We had an amazing camp breakfast which consisted of Potato hash, cheesy scrambled eggs, cereal and fresh fruit.

After we finished seconds and cleaned up, the new cook crew for the day got our lunch items prepared and ready to go. We packed our bags, ready to start an adventure by driving to the start of the cub lake trail. We learned about the principals of Leave no Trace and started our hike into the park.

After walking through some beautiful wild flower fields we stopped for lunch at the lake. The cook crew (Jack and Willow) were super helpful setting up our lunch while we enjoyed a beautiful view . While this work was being done we were being slowly surrounded by chipmunks, who tried unsuccessfully to join our bold earth crew! This was thanks to the great security team we had in Nellie and Franky who tirelessly defended our precious lunch.

We hiked for a total of 6.5 miles in the park over the day. Some highlights were when we swam in the freezing cold water of the river where we stopped to cook our tired feet. Chase, Frankie, and Jack jumped in from a ledge by the river and suddenly the whole group was having a refreshing dip. We had a bite afterward and everyone shared their view on if we should add on an extra 2 miles to see some waterfalls that we saw on a nearby sign, and the group all agreed it was too good an opportunity to pass by. Luckily it was worth the challenging hike as it was stunning. We reached an elevation of 8500 ft and were rewarded with beautiful views along the way, and a great sense of achievement.

On the way back Melina spotted a giant elk about 10 feet away from us just resting in the grass. It was amazing to see nature so close. Diana and Reagan researched the area by speaking with local park rangers, collecting information, interviewing people, and borrowing some books on the local flora and fauna. They learned lots and shared it with the group such as the different beetles and how they impact the ecosystem we are in.

We finished the night with a tasty dinner of pasta, meatballs, and veg by the fire which was gathered and lit by chase to the surprise and delight of the group! We. Enjoyed a nice dessert and discussed our heroes and highlights of the day- before heading to sleep beneath the stars ready for another amazing day!

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