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Colorado Bold Day 3 – Bear Lake!

Today was the Lake Day ! After a nice breakfast, we all got into the van and Regan and I quickly explained the group what we had learned yesterday about the Rockies. Regan presented the different kinds of fishes which can be found in the river we saw yesterday, and I talked about the three altitude areas of the Rockies. Then we started hiking in a beautiful pine forest where Max put on his new hat, a blue bowl named Bowly. A few moments later we reached a beautiful lake named Nymph Lake, and then we hiked to Dream Lake. We all swam in its beautiful cold water, and Jack, Sally, Nellie, Finn and Frankie even swam to the other side. After this nice break we went on until we reached the windy Emerald Lake, where Max was the only one brave enough to swim. Rachel took some wonderful pictures of us all, and we went back towards Dream Lake. We found a spot next to a beautiful waterfall where we ate the amazing wraps Sienna and Melina made with love for us. After lunch Willow and Max did a little nap, while Jack, Chase and Finn climbed some rocks in the river. Then we kept going back towards the parking lot, and we saw one last time dream lake and Nymph Lake. Before going home we made a quick detour to see Bear Lake, and then we drove to the camp! We chilled out for a bit – Finn read to some of the other campers for a while – and then we all got together to plan what we’ll be eating for the next few days, we’re all super excited for what’s to come. Melina and Sienna prepared a wonderful Pho dinner for us, and we ate quickly and cleaned up faster than ever before because we learned that there was a ranger talk on moss and lichens later in the evening! We grabbed some ice cream on the way from one of the nicest campground attendants we’ve ever met (Bonnie) and listened in on an incredible lesson. Lightening crackled behind the amphitheater as we learned about how trees communicate with one another, the resilience and symbiosis of lichens, and the beauty and simplicity of moss from ranger Emma! To end off the night we each shared our highlights under some wonderful stars and then discussed our plans for tomorrow! It was an incredible day with so many fantastic memories!

From, Diane

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