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Colorado BOLD day 5

Today we woke up at 6:15 with an alarm of take me to church by Hozier. Then we packed up our tents and luggage and packed the uhaul. We enjoyed a pastry and fruit breakfast, made by Nellie and Finn, around the fire. Then we finished up and cleaned our camp site and left in our last ride with the silver tuna. We drove an hour and 30 minutes to our new transportation. We enjoyed a snack and split up into our suburban van and truck. Then Sally, Reagan & Diane went to Home Depot to grab what we needed to hook up the uhaul to the truck. Jack and chase visited kfc. We stopped at a beautiful lake for some grilled cheese sandwiches made by Finn. Then we drove about 4 hours to the grocery store to go shopping. There we got the missing necessities. Then we drove over to our new camp site during which Siena, Nellie, and Frankie adapted a Canadian accent and annoyed Melina, Willow, and Finn the entire ride. We arrived at our new camp site and set up everything in almost record time. Everyone was motivated by the showers waiting for them. Then most of us took showers and came back to delicious udon noodles and enjoyed a lovely dinner under the stars.

Tomorrow we will be doing parent phone calls home around 1-3pm mountain time!

Love Frankie


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