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Colorado Bold – Day 8

This morning we woke up to a delicious pancake, bacon, and fruit salad breakfast cooked by our wonderful river guides. After breakfast we packed up camp and enjoyed a relaxing raft ride to McDonald’s canyon. Before exploring the canyon we took scenic photos on the train tracks. While in the canyon the group explored ancient petroglyphs and had fun with the insane echo that bounced off the walls. Following the hike, we rafted to the ranger station and the guides cooked us a scrumptious chicken Caesar wraps. After our lunch stop we continued down the river towards camp. On the way, myself, Diane, Chase, and Jack tried rowing the big raft. On the river we encountered a couple small but fun rapids. One of the last rapids we went through was safe to swim and Finn, Nellie, Dianne, Frankie, Sienna, and Rachel swam through the rapid. Max, Reagan, and Landon did epic flips off the rafts. Finally, we rowed until we arrived at Little Hole camp named after the small hole that is visible on the side of the surrounding ancient sandstone walls. Once we arrived, everyone unpacked the rafts and setup camp. Jack, Chase, and Nellie played in the exfoliating mud near the river. After our adventures, we settled down to dinner of mac n cheese and BBQ chicken cooked by our awesome guides. They told us crazy river stories as we looked up at the stars in the night sky.

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