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Colorado Disco Day 8 – More river fun!

Hi everyone, it’s Simon!

We woke up to the sound of our river guides yelling “hot chocolate” which quickly got us out of bed. We did have a couple of spills though. After most people got hot cocoa we sat in our chairs and chatted while our last members made their way down. After a little bit longer our guides announced breakfast. It was probably the best breakfast we’ve had of the trip. We had eggs, potatoes, ham, English muffins and fruit. Many of us made breakfast sandwiches. We then got to deconstructing camp and rigging the boats.

Today was a bigger rapid day. Coen Izzy Mia Westin and Peri were on the duckys to start and Charlie was on the SUP. Me (Simon) Max Addison and Darly started out the day on the boat. We had a blast playing contact and solving riddles. It was a bit hard to keep playing during the rapids but getting splashed was great. After a few rapids Darly and Charlie switched and she took a turn on the stand up paddle board (SUP). We soon approached our last rapid for the day. Darly ended up falling off the SUP but quickly was able to get back on. She said she had a great time going down the rapid.

We got to camp earlier than expected because the river is going a bit quicker than normal. We then got to spend the afternoon playing games and hanging out together. This involved Coen and Darly making an impressive drip castle city, line tag, a new game we learned called Kuub as well as lots and lots of swimming in the river. We like to get our feet as stuck as possible on the river bed and then attempt to break free. Some people even gave themselves mud baths.

We had a great afternoon being able to lay low and splash in the river. We then enjoyed a delicious meal of Mac n cheese and grilled chicken. Tomorrow is sadly our last day on the river.

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