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Colorado Disco Day 9

Hey everyone, it’s your leader of the day, Darly!

Today we woke up to the sound of the river and Abby and Landon (our raft trip leaders) yelling “Hot Cocoa!” After drinking Cocoa, we packed up our tents and other things and ate a breakfast that consisted of pancakes, fruit, and bacon. Izzy, Westin and Peri went on a duckie and Charlie went with Max. I went on a paddle board, Mia was on the boat, Coen went with Simon and Addison went with Leah on a duckie. After a while, everyone switched. We then stopped at a beach for lunch. There was a big mud pit that many people jumped in and got covered in mud. Lunch was a nice wrap. When we got to the end of the trip, we got to see Sally! Everyone was excited to see her. We then drove to a rec center and swam in the pool for an hour. We saw people do flips and belly and back flops. Everyone then got to shower and get clean. We drove a half hour drive to our desert sand campsite. Everyone was so hot and we set up camp and chilled in the shade.

We are excited so do our service project tomorrow and head back to Colorado for more rafting and climbing adventures!

See you soon,


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