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Colorado Discovery Day 3- RMNP, again!

Today we did another hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. We drove to a trailhead near by the campsite and started the 6 mile trek. We first hiked to Cub Lake. The lake was nearly covered completely in Lilly pads and there were also large leeches swimming around by the shore. Here we ate lunch and Charlie lost his sunglasses in the lake. Coen continued to use his binoculars to scope out wildlife and other hikers. After lunch we continued hiking on to a place called The Pool. We go to hike along the river and the views were amazing. Izzy took many great photos along the hike. After the Pool we continued to hike crossing many “gushing rivers” that Westin helped to warn us about. We played many hikes along the trail that everyone participated in. We reached a bunch of large boulders where Charlie, Peri, Coen, Simon, Izzy and Westin all did some scrambling. The rest of the way Addison, Izzy, Westin, Simon, Charlie, Mia, and Darly played a game to pass the rest of the time. When we finally made it back to the van everyone was ready to take a nap but instead we jammed out to a playlist we made on our way back to camp. At camp we took a second to relax and snack on some Nutella and ritz crackers. We then got to play capture the flag which everyone was very excited for. Unfortunately it did not go too well so we played camouflage instead. We then ate an amazing stir fry dinner while looking at a double rainbow. Another great day in Colorado!

Your leader of the day,


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