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Colorado Discovery – Day 4 (Via Ferrata)

Hey everyone it’s Westin,

I’m currently writing this blog from Max’s sweet chair at our amazing campsite in Glacier Basin in Rocky Mountain National Park! As leader of the day I got up early with the other members of cook crew, Addison and Peri, to prepare everyone for our first day of climbing. We were the first group of Bold Earth students to ever experience climbing via ferrata (“The Iron Way”) and it was such a blast. After meeting with our guides at base camp in Estes Park, we drove closer to the mountains where we suited up with helmets and harnesses. We hooked ourselves up to metal cables and rungs as we scaled up and circumnavigated (Word of the Day!) a giant rocky spire. Izzy, Coen, and Darly took the lead despite some hesitation, but they absolutely crushed it! After completing our climb, we drove to Safeway where we shopped for the meals we planned the day before, it was utter chaos. My group planned and cooked a backcountry jambalaya with shrimp, sausage, and delicious rice. On our drive back home we saw the hotel from the Shining, and sang at the top of our lungs to some absolute classics like “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Our friends on camp crew, Izzy, Charlie, and Simon helped build a wonderful fire for dinner and got us playing tons of fun of games like “One Fish Two Fish” and “Spy.” At the end of the night we ate cookie cake and played “Flippy Whippy” which is basically just flinging whip cream into your mouth. Mia and Darly tried so many times and still ended up with whip cream all over their foreheads. Overall, it was another fantastic, chaotic, and silly day with Bold Earth in beautiful Colorado.

With love and appreciation, your Leader of the Day –

Westin Dahlin

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