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Colorado Discovery Day 5- Travel Day

Hey everyone!

It’s your leader of the day, Peri!

It was 7AM and Max was reading Moby Dick to wake us up. We were getting ready to drive 6 hours to our new campsite. Izzy, Coen, and Charlie made us a great breakfast which consisted of eggs and vegetables and mushrooms. After we ate we cleaned up the campsite and packed up all of our stuff. In that process, Simon and I struggled to stuff our tent in its bag, but we did it! Once we were driving, Westin and I were belting songs on our playlist while everyone else had to listen to us. After driving for a while, we stopped at a park to eat lunch. Mia, Darly, Simon, Westin and I went to the playground where Mia and I went flying on the swings while Simon and Darly pushed us. We ate lunch and drove to Walmart, where Mia bought 4th of July glasses for everyone, even though they were for 3 year olds. We started driving again and made it to our new campsite. During van crew jobs, Addison found something that would have caused a lot of trouble if it got lost. A new addition to leader of the day is getting a pink Junior Ranger bucket hat. We are currently getting ready to eat quesadillas for dinner. Tomorrow we will do our laundry, phone calls home, and head to Arches National Park to celebrate Fourth of July!

Talk to you all soon! 🙂



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