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Colorado Discovery Day 6 – 4th of July in the desert!

Hi everyone! It’s me Izzy, your leader of the day.

The day began at 7:45 to the sound of our camping neighbors turning on their generator. Addison and I woke up to the sound of Peri and Westin playing around on the hammock outside our tent. Our cook crew (Mia, Simon and Darly) struggled at first with their pancakes but they pushed through and made some very tasty cakes. Once everyone packed lunch and ate breakfast we packed up and headed towards Moab. During the journey we stopped at the “Welcome to Utah” sign for a picture and added a Bold Earth sticker to the sign. Our first destination in Moab was the laundromat. While waiting for our laundry we played trivia and put on 4th of July tattoos. After visiting the nicest laundromat on planet earth (literally) we cruised the town shopping. Max Leah and Sally even bought us ice cream and shave ice to help us beat the desert heat. Once we had our souvenirs we got into the van to head to our final stop of Arches National Park. We made some stops to look at the unbelievable scenery and got a history lesson from Max. After waiting all day for the heat to cool down we finally got the moment we were waiting for – starting the hike. It was still quite hot so Darly and Addison turned back after a bit with Max to take care of themselves and sit in the AC of the van. The rest of us made lots of stops for water and sitting and the shade and arguing about whether or not blood is blue and whether or not birds are government spies. We then made it to the top and we were all feeling so proud and so accomplished. We did have one causality. Coen lost his hat at the top due to a large wind gust. According to him “I lost a most treasured companion”. We tried to find it but all we found on our expedition was a Balenciaga hat which Charlie is now the proud owner of. We finally got back to the van and made our way to “panoramic point” to make dinner which was an all American meal of hot dogs and Mac and cheese. Today was an awesome, patriotic and memorable 4th of July.

Your LOD,


Note to parents: we are heading out on our 3 day river trip and blogs will be delayed while we are out of service.

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