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Rafting Day 1

It’s Coen your leader of the day coming at you with another blog!

We were kindly awoken at 6:00AM by Max because we had to pack up camp and drive to our river entrance in Utah. Addison made us a wonderful yogurt parfait spread for breakfast and we broke down our tents and packed up the U-Haul quickly in comparison to most other mornings. We visited the Highline Lake State Park Visitor Center with the extra time we had, I got some sweet stickers as well as a beautiful stuffed fish. Izzy got a stuffed snake and Mia got a full pink junior ranger outfit in honor of our recent graduation at Rocky Mountain National Park just a few days earlier. The car ride to the put-in was around an hour, but almost everyone fell asleep during the drive; we were all in a daze from our hike in Arches National Park the previous day. We waved goodbye to Sally who is shuttling our van to Moab so we can have a ride to our next campsite, and we set off to see the red rocks in duckies, rafts, and one paddle board on the Colorado River. On our way to our lunch destination, Simon helped take some sweet photos of a heron, the canyons, and the mountains surrounding us. We enjoyed Caesar salad wraps and watched as Peri and Westin sunk into the muddy sand at the edge of the river (we pulled them out with the power of friendship.) Darly and Izzy had so much fun rocking the paddle board together even though they fell in the water a few times, but they eventually got the hang of it. While drifting along the river, Charlie, Westin, Peri, Simon and myself rammed into each other in our inflatable kayaks, we also jumped in the water to cool off a few times as well. Our river guides, or mama and papa ducks, guided us to a great campsite with tons of shade where we played word games like Contact, 20 Questions, Mind Sync, and Waffle or Pancake. For dinner, we enjoyed some burritos as we watched the sunset wash over the canyon walls around us. Excited for another two days of rafting!

Your leader of the day – Coen

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