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Bold Earth Adventures

Day 10 – Service Day!

We woke up once again to the sound of Max singing terrible songs at 5:30AM. We all tiredly but elegantly arose from our tents in Arches National Park. We had a scrumptious meal which consisted of muffins and bagels; the chocolate muffins were the first to go, everybody got their stuff packed up and we hit the road. Our destination was a place with a lot of weeds (tumbleweeds) in a dried up river bank in the middle of the desert. Our guides Josh and Sophie gave us a quick rundown on the invasive plant species of Arches and we set off to pluck them from the red dirt. After a few hours of hard work in the hot Sun we earned some national park volunteer stickers and returned to the van to begin our long drive back to Colorado. We stopped at the Arches visitor center for a bit, went shopping for groceries for the next few days, and continued in the van through some beautiful sections of Rocky Mountain National Park. While I tried to sleep, Izzy and Westin put oranges in my hand and a hula hoop on my head. We had an extravagant lunch prepared by Mia, Darly, and myself and then continued to play tons of games in the van on our way to the Rocky Mountain Outdoor Center, Peri was the best and most enthusiastic Contact player by far! Simon and Coen added some fantastic songs to the playlist, and we finally hit 200 songs! We ran into some traffic on a one-lane highway, but pushed through and got some well-earned pizza for dinner. At evening meeting we looked out over some mountains and a rushing river and talked about life lessons we learned from those we love.

Your leader of the day – Charlie

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